"Your body believes every word you say"

The growing field of neuroplasticity teaches us the importance of training our brain to create better health and quality of life by using our mind to choose our thoughts and actions. I have followed this topic with a keen interest in the healing potential of the brain to heal itself (Dr Normal Doidge). A big part of activating the neuroplastic ability of the brain is to be aware from moment to moment, of what we are thinking and doing. I've recently been revisiting the state of neuroplasticity science and it brought this book to mind.

When candida and related health weaknesses have suppressed our health, it is more important than ever that we maintain vigilance about thinking good thoughts to help our healing process.

The following is an expert from the book titled: Your Body Believes Every Word you Say

"Physicist and psychologist Buryl Payne, Ph. D., Writes:

We know that thoughts generated in the brain activate hormone secretions and stimulate other nerve centers within the body. Thoughts, coded as neural impulses, travel along nerve axons, activating muscles and glands similar to the manner in which telephone messages travel over wires in the forum of electrical signals. Experiments with the GSR, a biofeedback instrument, attached to fingers or toes clearly demonstrate that mental activity reaches into the extremities of the body.

With sensitive EMG instruments, we can show that muscles are activated when we think about anything involving action or emotion, even though there may be no visible movement. Although we do not know how thoughts are generated in the brain, it seems clear that once present, thoughts are amplified by the brain and turned into actions. Every thought we think influences millions of atoms, molecules, and cells throughout the body. Besides this straightforward effect on the physical body, we know f4rom general principles of physics that any acceleration of electrons produces some electromagnetic radiation.”

“Cliches as Emotional Expression

Cliches often become seed thoughts. These seed thoughts express emotion using words whose meaning relates directly to the symptoms evoked. For example, an expression most of us have used at one time or another is, ‘That………is a real pain in the neck, head, gut, butt etc.” We are generally expressing our feelings about some particular thing or situation . But saying ‘that is a real pain in the whatever’ can actually trigger a painful stiff neck, an upset stomach, or a headaches. Your spoken words may match a particular symptom exactly, triggering that symptom as a sensation (dis-ease) in your body.

The process also works in reverse. You may begin using those expressions after you first physically feel something amiss. For example, if you have real physical distress from a stiff neck or an upset stomach, you may want to talk about ho you feel. So saying ‘that was a pain in the neck’ or ‘that gave me an upset stomach’ is true; you do already have a sore neck or upset stomach. The seed thought stimulating your physical distress is then reinforced by the distress as you feel it, strengthening your original symptom-triggering thought. Your belief in whatever that ………..is that gives you such distress is stored in your unconscious mind. Then just thinking the seed thought ‘that…….will give me …….(whatever symptom)’ can trigger the physical distress. But discovery of the seed thought [and elimination of it], can break the sickness cycle.”


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