Yaay Attogram products are IN STOCK and shipping as of today!

We're so pleased to have stock again and know you will be happy to hear it too!

The Attogram Caproyl and Psyliium are now available and so are the introductory and other kits! 

Great Plains Bentonite is being temporarily used in place of Attogram Bentonite until it is back in stock.

Happy Spring Cleansing to you!

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Just a quick note to add clarification to my above message. For those of you who ready my message above earlier today, initially, I failed to mention that Great Plains Bentonite is being temporarily substituted to make up the Purge Drink with the Attogram Psyllium Blend and the Caproyl.

Take good care all.


Hi Tarilee,

I have been doing well considering the heartache of the last 27 months.  Lots of tough changes since Darrel died.  Miss him every second of the day.

I have been feeling pretty good and seem to have a lot of energy despite it all.  Of course, I work on it.

I am very glad the Attogram drink is back.  That was tough on everyone.

How are you?   I hope you are well.






I'm so glad it is back too, especially for our dear members who rely on it so much every day! 

I know you work hard on being well. Bless you for all you've tackled in lifestyle and healing work to help ease your transition into life without him.

Please let me know if there is anything I can help you with. 

Warmest wishes,


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