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I began having congestion and what looked like a sinus infection. I spoke to my integrative medicine physician and instead of an antibiotic he suggested I take oregano oil capsules and use XLEAR nasal spray. XLEAR is made of only Xylitol, saline and GSE. I called the company and they said the Xylitol is sourced from non-GMO corn. Is this OK for someone with CRC to use ? We are supposed to avoid corn but I don't think using a nasal spray with Xylitol sourced from non-GMO corn is the same as eating corn in terms of it aggravating candida. As a matter of fact, I read that Xylitol has antifungal properties.

Is XLEAR nasal spray a product we can use if we have CRC ?

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Well this nasal spray was NOT for me. I took one dose and I immediately felt spacey and lighheaded....I also got a lot of fatigue (heavy feeling in my legs) and I still have it even one day later.

By the way, I also did a chelation challenge on Sunday using oral DMSA (1400 mg). I felt fine while I took the DMSA but I was also passing a lot of very bad smelling gas and I NEVER do that. I wonder if the DMSA caused me some issues and then the nasal spray made it worse ? The doctor is doing a fecal toxic metals test and she used oral DMSA as the chelation agent. I'll find out my results in a week or two.

I'm not sure what to say about the spray. If they are actually using non GMO zylitol and not just saying it, then at least this element is out of the picture. But you could be allergic to corn sourced products. Also, zylitol is a sugar alcohol and these are not always well tolerated. Though some things with an allergic reaction are entirely possible when the allergen is delivered through the nose, I'd be surprised if it could trigger flatulence. But almost anything is possible.

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I have tried Xlear and it really irritated my nasal passages- actually felt like my sinuses were burning. I much prefer plain saline rinses using a syringe and homemade saline. I also sometimes use Euphobrium homeopathic nasal spray and I find that that works well when caught and used right away. Hope that helps!
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I am not certain... but when I used the Xlear, I think it gave me fever blisters in my nose.

I am new here... and finding some great things.

I write a blog, myjourneywithcandida Hope you guys can stop by and visit me. My blog is what I do for myself to heal my candida and all the devastation it has caused.

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Thanks everyone for your thoughts and input on the XLear. I am doing better after having taken a lot more Vitamin C. I also picked up a nasal spray made by Nutribiotic and it contains deionized water, glycerin, GSE (0.10%) and sodium chloride. That one looked pretty safe to me.

Has anyone used GSE nasal spray?


Xlear Nasal Spray has worked wonders for me.  I have systemic Candidiasis.  I spray my nose with xlear as many times a day as I choose to or need it and it has worked wonders for me.  I am presently suffering due to very high mold spores in New Jersey and it has alleviated  much of the discomforts AND SUFFERING I have with yeast, molds, etc. 

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