Whole Approach Protocol - 5 Phases

What are the Five Phases of the Whole Approach Protocol?

The Whole Approach Protocol is a five phase product protocol that has been successfully used for many years at the East West Clinic in Minnesota for the treatment of candidiasis (or yeast overgrowth). It has also been successful in helping thousands of members of the Whole Approach website achieve better health.

The protocol is outlined on this web site and in more detail in the book, "Conquering Yeast Infections, the Non Drug Solution for Men and Women" by S. Colet Lahoz (director of the East West Clinic). The Lahoz protocol is based on a program developed by Andrew Gutauskus, a Canadian Pharmacist and founder of Attogram Corp. The Attogram products are used in Phase I of the Lahoz Protocol: Attogram Caproyl (formerly known as Caprol), Attogram Bentonite, Attogram Psyllium Husk and Seed Blend Powder.


Whole Lifestyle Program
Since 1991 Whole Approach we have been coaching our members through a holistic self-care program integrating the product recommendations of the Attogram/Lahoz product protocol and a therapeutic approach to eating. Natural, anti-fungal products used for colon cleansing and systemic yeast treatment are cycled in three month rotations to lower excess yeast populations.

At Whole Approach we recognize the importance of addressing health on many complementary levels including but not limited to: detoxification, immune support, and emotional healing. We do our best to help our forum members by providing up to date online information and candida recovery product and lifestyle support together with the finest product choices available.


Whole Program Support
The select products sold in the Whole Approach store are complemented by the support of our compassionate forum moderators and our empathetic and enthusiastic forum members. This combination of supports has helped thousands of people along their quest for relief from and control over Candida Related Complex. 


Proven Protocol
The use of these products has been clinically compared to several prescription, anti-fungal treatments and has been found to be 97% effective. For details on this clinical comparison please see: Clinical Comparison

For some encouraging stories from folks who have had excellent experiences with our program, please see this post: Success Stories from our Members.

The first phase of Lahoz protocol is based on the Attogram products which were developed by Andrew Gutauskus, a Canadian Pharmacist and founder of Attogram Corp. The Attogram products include: Caproyl (formerly known as Caprol), Bentonite, and Psyllium. Collectively we fondly refer to this drink as “The Purge Drink.” In phase one the anti-fungal component is Attogram's Caproyl, liquid caprylic acid. In phases two through five, the anti-fungal is rotated in three month cycles. Therapeutic strength Probium probiotics are used for the full duration of the protocol and, in phase three, a prebiotic called SBX, is also added.

Yeast can become resistant to a single antifungal. This is why the protocol includes a rotation of antifungals. According to nurse and acupuncturist, Colet Lahoz: “The antifungals have to be rotated to address the pleomorphic nature of fungi. Pleomorphism is a phenomenon wherein an organism can change forms in order to survive. Fungi can change back and forth to its yeast form and can easily adapt when exposed to stressors. Colet's recommendations are based on  her clinical trials which have proven them most effective.

Links to each of these products mentioned here are listed below or you can find them in the online store (click “order products” above).

Complementary products to support you in other ways as you complete your program are also sold in the online store. These include anti-fungal body care, digestive aids, detoxification support, all natural, additive free nutritional supplements and several topical skincare products for dealing with yeast-related issues.

PHASE I – First three months: Caproyl (liquid caprylic acid) combined with liquid Bentonite , and Psyllium Seed and Husk BlendThe Attogram brand Psyllium seed and husk blend is superior to other brands in quality, purity and effectiveness as well as ease of mixing without getting too thick or lumpy. This fiber formula makes the best initial cleanse because of its effectiveness at getting to the root of the yeast overgrowth and because it can minimize the die off symptoms significantly.


The Purge Drink can be used once or twice daily, according to how you feel and how much Die Off you experience. To maintain regularity, a slow build up of the Psyllium Blend and Liquid Bentonite is recommended. For gradual adjustment to the Caproyl anti-fungal a slow build up of this is also recommended. See handout mailed with product for dosages. If Die Off is severe, please see the Die Off article to learn how to moderate your symptoms by changing your dosage according to what you can tolerate comfortably.

PHASE II - Fourth through 6th month:  Grapefruit Seed Extract or GSE 

GSE is another potent broad spectrum antifungal. This is combined with the other ingredients, like in Phase one but instead of Caproyl. Probium probiotic is continued. As with Phase one, this can be used twice daily.


*Note- Oreganum Plus can be used as an alternate to GSE.

PHASE III - Seventh through 9th month:
The third phase, Kolorex Extra Strength Gelcaps are recommended along with SBX Soil Based Microorganisms which can both can be taken with food. Probium probiotic is continued.

PHASE IV – Tenth through 12th month
Olive Leaf Extract is the anti fungal for phase IV. It is 100% natural and is antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial with added benefit of being an immune system builder. It works by stimulating your body’s protective cells (phagocytes) to ingest foreign matter. Studies show that this compound has the ability to penetrate infected host cells and it inhibits viral replication.In phase IV, Probium Probiotic and SBX Soil Based Microorganism are also continued.

PHASE V – Thirteenth through 15th month – The UGN formula that combines 3 powerful natural ingredients in a unique effective formula. They include, Calcium Undecylenate, Grapefruit Seed Extract and Neem Extract. The Capsules are taken with food.  Probium Probiotic and SBX Soil Based Micro Organism are continued.

NOTE:Variations of the above sequence may be done according to your individual experience or health practitioners advice. For example, there are patients who feel such a substantial cleansing benefit from Phase I, they may do a rotation that includes a round of Phase I every other phase for one to three months at time. Example: Phase I followed by phase II and back to Phase I before using Phase III, etc., until symptoms are felt to be under control.


Going Slowly into the Full Program
If this program represents a substantial lifestyle and diet change for you, if you are seriously ill, it may be helpful for you to start the program with a gradual transition. You can begin your customized food therapy program and wait to adjust to it before you start the anti-fungals. Your response to your diet changes will be easier to observe if you're not triggering potential die off symptoms from the anti fungals at the same time.


While adapting to your food therapy program, if your elimination is normal and regular, you can consider also slowly adding in the Purge Drink without the Caproyl at first. Some people need to increase their dosage gradually to the full dose and then gradually again to two full drink doses per day. Keep in mind that despite the dosage listed, there is no rush to get to a full dose nor is that does right for everyone. Your careful observation of your response to the products should be your guide. When you are fully adjusted with your food therapy, Psyllium Blend and Bentonite Liquid, you can slowly add in the anti-fungal after you've read the Die Off article.


Some people also choose to transition even more slowly to the full program by adopting their food changes step by step. For some, food changes are best taken slowly for practical reasons (re new foods, new shopping patterns etc) but also due to the potential experience of  a hypo allergic, cleansing diet. For some people this change can cause rapid detoxification and possibly even a healing crisis. Your knowledge of your own ability to adapt to change will be helpful in planning the best way to schedule the transition for you.


Altering the Protocol Cycles
Variations of the above sequence may be done according to your experience. For example, there are patients who claim that the best cleansing they experienced was with Phase I, the Attogram products, and may do a rotation of the phase one products in between phases (for one to three months at a time.)

Getting the Most out of your SBX Experience
When using the SBX, it is important to bolster your cleansing process with the support of the psyllium (and preferably with both the psyllium and the bentonite.) SBX can catalyse deep colon cleansing and it's important to use the fibre mixture to keep the waste material moving quickly out of the body. Without this support, some people experience fatigue or discomfort. This is especially necessary when following the deep cleansing high dose therapeutic protocol mentioned in the online SBX brochure.


Probium Dual Blend probiotic

Probium Multiblend probiotic (replaces Probioplus previously used)

Attogram Liquid Bentonite

Attogram Psyllium Seed & Husk Powder Blend

Attogram's Caproyl

Attogram’s Bentonite


The Synergy of the Purge Drink

Complementary products for recovery 

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