Whole Approach candida diet and the microbiome

Raphael Kellman, MD,  is the author of theThe Microbiome Diet. According to and an EatRightPro book review,  "educates the reader on the role of beneficial versus harmful gut bacteria, pre- and probiotics and the importance of mindful eating. The plan claims to "heal your gut, reset your metabolism and achieve dramatic, sustainable weight loss." The author asserts that, by restoring balance to gut flora and changing the ecology of the gut, the microbiome diet will help improve energy, mood, mental focus and cognition, and decrease inflammation, autoimmune disorders and genetic predisposition to obesity."

The diet recommended is an extra low carb version of the Whole Approach candida diet and includes some specific supplements (some of which, or products similar to, are already included in the Whole Approach candida treatment protocol)

The book review is by dieticians and it finishes by discouraging the removal of certain food groups (like fruits and starches), though there is a great deal of modern research showing the health risks of both fruit and sugar.

I have not finished reading the book but have spent some time with it and am amazed that this doctor, and multiple other low carb, high fat, specialists are recommending changes so similar to the candida diet. I have been personally experimenting with an recommending higher levels of fat and only moderate levels of protein with any carbohydrate foods as completely optional.

If you're suffering from concern about eating a low carb diet, this book may be for you, to help you get to know more about the science behind the food, the probiotics and the foods that support the levels of probiotic in your gut!


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