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I have not been on here in what feels like forever. But I’m so excited about a sauce I made that I wanted to share it. Hopefully no one else has already posted a similar sauce. In an attempt to get more protein in my diet I added tahini to a white sauce I make. The ingredients are all approximates.



1 can organic regular coconut milk

about 3 tablespoons of tahini (I used Roland brand, some tahinis have a horrible taste)

oregano, parsley, and basil to taste (I probably use a couple tablespoons of each, less of the oregano)

salt to taste

crushed garlic (I used maybe 5-6 cloves)

1 minced shallot


Cook up the garlic and shallot in a little coconut oil. Add tahini and coconut milk and whisk well. Then add seasonings and bring to a boil. Then simmer. It cooks really fast.


I steamed some shredded cabbage and used them as noodles. Trader Joes has great brown rice pasta that would be so good with it, along with some grilled organic chicken breast pieces. I think it would also work as a good pizza sauce for my kids that dont eat nightshades. Hope it turns out for you as well as it did for me. It is on the fattening side, which is a good thing if you need to gain weight. I don't have the problem anymore. I just about finished the whole sauce!

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That sounds delicious! Coconut is an ingredient that should not be relied on regularly. Though coconut oil seems quite well tolerated, coconut milk and meat and manna (meaty butter) can cause inflammation, and trigger cravings and other allergic type symptoms. I recommend it be limited to occasional use.


Trying to find raw tahini from shelled sesame seeds rather than from toasted or unhealed seeds will be your best bet for a smooth, mild flavour. Oh, and tahini can add omega three fatty acids and calcium too!


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It looks like this recipe is talking about the coconut milk that is more of a cream with more fat. I can get this in a can but it tastes a little preserved. I use this only occasionally when I make a sort of "whipped cream" but it's still not quite as good as whipped cream.


I have a question about the coconut milk. I use this in my hot cereals and cook with the unsweetented coconut milk. Almond milk bothers me. What is a good substitute? I've also used Hemp milk but don't like the taste as much. A brand of Hemp milk called "Tempt" is better but still not all that great. Still, if it is healthier, my mantra these days is "I eat to live rather than live to eat."


Barbie, I understand about the weight loss. My family thought I was anorexic. It literally "hurt" to eat the many of the foods that help me keep my weight on.

I recommend looking at the Soybella machine with the raw setting and making your own nut and seed milks.


As for this recipe- I'm under the impression that, although I've not tried it- regular coconut milk will do. Most coconut milk I buy these days is not high fat- Even when the tin is cold there is no big amount of fat on top. They seem to be skimming that off to sell it as coconut cream now I think! 





This machine sounds great! Never heard of it before or knew that something like this would work. Hmmm... I have a Champion Juicer and wonder if it might produce nut milks for me?


I did find an almond milk at Whole Foods (their brand) that does not contain some things that I thought might create an allergic reaction -- used it in my pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving and it was quite good with no reaction.


I had no reactions to my Thanksgiving dinner this year! Stayed the course pretty closely and yet had a lot of tasty foods still. WOW!

Hey Guys white sauce,also known as Béchamel, is used in a wide range of recipes and is the platform for many cereal. Here are the actions for a primary method white marinade, with improvements for other thicknesses.

In a little, large pot, liquefy 2 tbsps of butter over low warm.
Blend 2 tbsps of flour into the dissolved butter.

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