When should I take my remedies?

Organizing your supplement schedule will not only help you ensure you take each product at the optimum time. There is also benefit from the time you spend in the planning itself because it is time spent in active intention towards  healing. This is not only empowering, health studies show that a focused, positive mental state and the visualization of healing greatly improves outcomes.
Making a chart showing the optimum timing of your product protocol can help a lot. At times when I've been on a highly specific protocol I've used the electronic aid of my computer or phone (Timers and calendars work in the healthier, airplane mode). Setting reminders can help. If you do this try to select a reminder sound that makes you happy (like a bird chirp for instance).
Some products are best taken with food and some are best between meals. See below for more information.
Purge Drink - (Caproyl, Psyllium blend, Bentonite)
Separate the purge drink from your supplements and/or medication by two hours. 
Ideally, when you are using the purge twice a day, the doses will be separated by eight to twelve hours. First thing in the am and last thing at night are the most common times to take the purge.
Taking the Purge at Bedtime
When considering whether it's right for you to take it at bedtime, remember that you need to drink an extra eight ounces of water in addition to the water mixed with the purge ingredients.
To minimize night time trips to the bathroom but still fit two full purge doses in, some people look for alternatives. For those with inflexible schedules who don't want to drink before bed, I have heard of the option to take it in the middle of the night or extra early when they get up before their alarm to use the washroom.
If you choose to do this, I gather the method is to mix up the liquids with the water, measure out the psyllium separately and then keep it by your bedside (or in the washroom) for combination in a shaking jar when you're ready. Having a mini (ideally yellowish or pinkish) LED push light nearby will light your task without being bright enough to fully wake you. 
Early mornings

If you leave the house very early in the morning and don’t have the two hours to wait in between the purge and eating breakfast you might consider packing a healthy breakfast “to go” and eating on your break at work.
Vitamins/Minerals/Phytonutrients- with food
Magnesium (or Cal-mag) is best to take at night for its calming effect. Supplements with magnesium also have an alkalizing effect.  If you have low stomach acid, it may be best to avoid taking it with meals as this can reduce digestion power.
Herbs- Most herbs can be taken on an empty stomach for best absorption unless they are specifically known to be stomach irritants. For example, Olive leaf extract, Kolorex and UGN are sometimes taken with food for this reason but this is individual as some people find they are fine on an empty stomach. 
Bitters- are herbs intended to boost digestion...these are ideally taken just 15-30 minutes prior to eating to prime up the digestive organs with the enzymatic juices for your meal. They can also be taken with the meal as you do digestive enzymes or if you feel indigestion after a meal, bitters can be taken to help ease discomfort.

Zymitol is a proteolytic enzyme meaning it eats excess fibrin in the body that causes inflammation. It does this best on an empty stomach - preferably during the day. 

If taken with food, some of the enzymatic power is wasted with unintended digestive action on the food.
Probiotics-Take probiotics away from food at least a half hour before or one hour after meals. Bedtime or first thing in the morning are good times, depending on when you take your 'Purge Drink.'
SBX can be taken between meals on an empty stomach if your intent is to maximize it’s cleansing potential or with food depending on which SBX benefits you want to maximize. If you use SBX on an empty stomach, probiotics can be taken at the same time.
SBX can be taken with food if you want it to complement nutrient absorption. Some people do take it this way as it is particularly helpful for assisting with iron absorption from food.
Stimulating vs Sedating- With other (non- Whole Approach protocol) herbs you may be taking, be aware of the potential of some  herbs to be stimulating, and thus not suited for bedtime. Others could be sedating and so not great for daytime. 
Healthier Supplements
This article discusses the importance of selecting additive free nutritional supplements.
Electrodermal Screening 
This allergies article discusses the Electro Dermal Screening approach which can be used to pre-assess the compatibility of your supplements with your unique needs. You can read a bit about it in the food allergies post.

If you do go for electro dermal screening to help you select your therapeutic products, it may be helpful for you to take a one or two day “fast” from all non essential supplements and medications before your test as it should increase accuracy in your results.
Keep in mind that with an immune/intestinal condition as sensitive and changeable as CRC , it is possible for compatible products to become not compatible and vice versa so regular testing is required.
A repeat test every one to three months is ideal during the early stages of your healthy transition.

In addition to the EDS technology your health journal/diet diary is an essential base for any investigation into which supplements you tolerate best.


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