So, I started this protocol due to chronic headaches.  I've been following the guidelines very closely for over 2 months.  I have had a couple small slips (pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving and cake at a Halloween wedding), but overall, I've been pretty good at following the food lists.  So wouldn't you think I would have seen 1 small result by now?  I'm still having 2-3 headaches per week, still low energy and poor digestion.  I'm not asking for a miracle, just feel that after 2 months I should feel or notice something to help me want to continue.  I'm not going to abandon this program but it's hard to be optimistic.  I did read once on the forum that someone had been doing this for 5 months with no results.  I have a feeling they aren't going to have results.   Any thoughts/ideas on what I might be doing wrong?  Thanks.


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Hi there KR,

Welcome to the Whole Approach candida forum.

You can help me help you by answering a few questions. Your answers will help give me an idea what I might suggest to you to explore how you can feel better.

Thanks KR! If you answer today I'll answer right back. Otherwise I'll answer on Monday when I come back on the forum.

Did you have two headaches a week, fatigue and digestive problems before your started the candida protocol?

Do you have any known food allergies or food sensitivities?

Are you using the Bentonite, Psyllium, Caproyl and probiotics sold here by Whole Approach?

Are you using other new products as well?

Did you feel worse when you began the diet or better? (You could have introduced alternative foods that are not right for you even though they are not restricted on the candida diet protocol.)

Did you feel a worsening when you started adding in the Caproyl to your drink mix? (This could mean you need to monitor die off better.)

Have you read: Success Stories on the Whole Approach protocol  ?

Have you looked at the Diet FAQs (link above) to see if you might find helpful suggestions that feel right for you?

Take good care,


Great questions!

Yes, I had 2-3 headaches a week, easily fatiqued and poor digestion prior to starting this.

Yes, I do think I've had an allergy to wheat for quite some time.

I tried the purge drink but since I have such sluggish digestion, it actually made things worse.  I am open to trying it again but maybe with the help of my acupuncturist.

The first few days of the diet, I felt horrible.  Headachy, and extremely tired. That did improve so I could function better.

Yes, I have read the success stories but it's been a while so I should revisit that part of the site.

Yes, I have read the diet FAQ's but again, it's been a while so I should revisit that too.

Now with the holidays and being discouraged, it's been extra difficult to stay on course; however, I want to continue with the program.  

I appreciate any insights you can share!  Thank you.

Hi there KR,

I recommend that you read the digestive health FAQ. There are lots of helpful tips in there that may boost your digestion including some excellent products that can help. 

I want to clarify what you meant about the purge interfering with digestion. It usually aids elimination but I'm suspecting you have issues with flatulence or bloating? Do you also have low appetite? Are you familiar with the use of herbs like the bitters suggested in the document above? This increases digestive power and fire. Also helpful is the use of warm to room temperature water and adding cinnamon  and or ginger powder to your purge drink to stimulate digestive fire and warming a little bit. The acupuncturist could also help maybe, yes. 

Do you feel as if your digestion is cool? You said sluggish, that sounds to me like a lack of digestive 'fire' speaking energetically. I may be misunderstanding and it's also possible that you do not relate to this kind of language. 

The purge should be taken as far away from foods and supplements as possible so it does not dilute your nutritional sources or slow absorption of nutrients. It's a good idea to start with just once a day and to work gradually increasing doses of psyllium and bentonite into before starting the anti-fungal at all. Then you can observe the effects and gradually work up to a full does.

Regarding your response to the diet. Initially many people feel they are cleansing- sometimes with candida die off, sometimes just flushing out residue from inflammatory/allergenic and or  addictive food components.

Also, sometimes when people switch to alternative grains and more seeds or nuts, that they are not used to eating it takes some experimenting to see what really works for them. The wrong choices or prepared the wrong way- can cause indigestion and fatigue.

I hope some of the above will help. I look forward to hearing back from you to explain further. That may stimulate more ideas too.

Take good care,


So sorry I haven't replied sooner.  I do value your insights very much. Got caught up with the holidays and have had some unusual symptoms (sudden onset of extreme vertigo) which required a few tests.  My CT scan and MRI did not come back normal, suggesting I have a demyelinating disease (MS?) or something similar.  I'll know more after I speak with a neurologist in a few days.  If it is MS, it explains a lot of my fatigue. I'm planning to bring the food list from whole approach.com to show the doctor and get opinions on a MS friendly diet.

Yes, I think my digestion is "cool". I would like to try the bitters you suggested but very unfamiliar with how to take them.  I will do some research.

Thanks for explaining the purge drink in a little more detail.

I appreciate your time!

I truly hope that your vertigo passes quickly. Many people pass through at least one episode of vertigo in their lives though your description of it as "extreme" sounds concerning. Good luck at your neurologist appointment. It must be hard for you to wait to find out. 

I used to use a homeopathic formula called cocculus though I had it prescribed by a Naturopathic Physician who assessed all of my symptoms. You can read about homeopathy for vertigo on this page. I can't vouch for this doctor or his credentials. I just searched cocculus to try to get the spelling for you of the remedy. It was so many years ago I used it but it sure did help. It got me off the drugs I'd had recommended too.

Here is a link to the Canadian Bitter's product I love. It is excellent quality and it charges up your digestion with it's bitter taste. You take it up to 15 minutes before you eat to stimulate the digestive juices so that your body can better digest your meal.

Wishing you well,


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