What to expect in the beginning of your program

How will I feel when I start the program? 

Though learning as much as you can in advance of starting your program will help you approach it in the best possible way, there is no way to predict to what degree you will or won't experience a struggle with 'die off' symptoms. One of the superior features of the Whole Approach product protocol is that the expected die-off reaction, associated with any anti-fungal program, is relieved to a great extent by the detoxicant action of both the Psyllium and Bentonite components.


While some people immediately notice positive effects such as increased energy, better mental focus, better elimination, etc., others may experience fatigue, noticeable brain fog, constipation and/or diarrhea or flu-like symptoms. Die-off (Herxheimer) reaction can occur during the first few days or weeks of your treatment program.


When a large number of Candida is killed off during the initial period of treatment a significant amount of mycotoxins (chemicals produced by the yeast as they metabolize nutrients and as they die), are suddenly released.


A flood of mycotoxins  can produce uncomfortable effects such as flu symptoms (stuffiness, headache, general aches, diarrhea), skin rashes, vaginal irritation/discharge, or even something unusual such as numbness in the legs or mental confusion. The die-off reaction normally lasts from one day to one week and can come and go throughout the program (especially during the first week of a new Phase of the program).

As recommended in the die off info post, if symptoms are severe, it may be necessary to cut back on the amount of antifungal which is added to the “mix” from 2 tsp down to ¼ tsp or even less. When symptoms subside, increase gradually over a few weeks to the recommended maximum dosage. For more information on negotiating with die off symptoms, see the die off post.

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