What is detoxification about?

Here is a little excerpt from a book called Juice Fasting and Detoxification by Steve Meyerwitz.

Not that I'm recommending fasting for those of you in weakened health with candida related degeneration. Fasting would be untimely for you. I do not mean to endorse fasting for you at least not without daily supervision by a qualified health practioner. However his book includes some wonderful support for the detoxification process in general.

The following is a quote from his chapter entitled “Healing and Detoxification”. I enjoyed the book many years ago when I first read it. [comments in square parenthesis mine].

“Poisons make you sick twice-on their way into the body and on their way out. The liver [and the adipose tissue] has been a real pal to store them for you all these years, but the spring cleaning, called fasting [or any kind of detoxification], has exposed the “cobwebs”. The colon has happily held decades worth of polluted material, but when you start opening up those dark and kingy corners, they unfold all their muck and mire. How do you get poisons out of the body? First, they have to get back into circulation again since they have been immobilized for years. 

Once in circulation, they go around for a while looking for the way out. They may travel through the head (ouch! What a headache). They may try to get out the skin (rashes, acne boils, sores, eczema). They may attempt a trip down the bowel (diarrhea). They may try to escape through the lungs (bronchitis, asthma), or the kidneys (pain on urination, bad odor).

What if they cannot escape so easily? The longer they stay around, the weaker and more fatigued you feel. Fevers are very common. Anything you can do to speed up the house cleaning will to your benefit. (See methods of Detoxification p. 77). These periods of great discomfort are called healing events and come and go on a regular cycle during a long fast [healing/cleansing program]. They are also referred to as a healing crises since they represent a climax of detoxification and a catharsis or cleaning event. They may arrive as often as every ten or fourteen days. 

For your peace of mind, know that healing events are relatively short. They generally last one to three days, although they can run longer. You may feel very sick, but the time in between each event is pure energy- you feel great. The more you assist elimination, the quicker these “sick” days will pass and the milder their symptoms. When you are experiencing a healing crisis keep in mind, the greater the release, the greater the healing and the greater the gain. The area of congestion in your body determines the type of eliminative crisis.

Caution must prevail. If your symptoms are too severe and frequent, if your fever is too high, if you do not have confidence in what you are doing or proper professional guidance……[see a qualified health care professional" (preferably a well trained, licensed Naturopathic Doctor, familiar with candida issues and detoxification through healing foods).

Happy Cleansing folks!! Smile


P.S. for more info. on healing crisis please refer to the article on this subject in the the Newsletter section.

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