Parasite Cleansing

If you have passed through treatment with Caprol, GSE, and or Olive Leaf Extract, you have  already addressed parasites to some degree. GSE is known to be particularly effective against parasites and this may explain why some folks have a stronger die off reaction to Phase II with GSE than to Phase I with Caprol. They are probably experiencing, not only the die off of additional strains of candida yeast but some parasites as well.

Concentrated parasite cleansing products, even the herbal ones, are potent and have some degree of toxicity. They strain the eliminative systems.  I recommend seeing a practitioner who uses electro-dermal assessments to help decide on a customized parasite remedy for each person. It is also useful to have supervision through the cleanse -especially if you have any health complications of if you are extremely sensitive.


Depending on the seriousness of the infestation and it's effect on you, you may want to focus on reducing candida, clearing away built up toxicity in the colon and supporting the kidneys and liver before doing any specific parasite cleanse.


Like yeast, parasite cleanses also stimulate their own kind of die off and the toxins released by dying parasites include the highly toxic and neuro-affective ammonia. Experienced alone or in combination with die off symptoms from candida mycotoxins, can be quite uncomfortable.

If you can detoxify and strengthen your body as much as possible before attempting a parasite cleanse, you'll be much more likely to be able to stick to the process because you will experience fewer side effects from die off. Ammonia is stronger and usually more challenging for the body than candida die off mycotoxins. Clearing out everything else first, will help your body develop the resilience it needs for you to comfortably endure your parasite cleanse.

 Please be patient with this process and do not undertake it until you are confident that the risks of treatment outweigh the risks associated with the parasites. Also, make sure you’ve got your product and practitioner resources well researched and available to you.


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