What do YOU need help with?

In the past we have done formal polls on people's experience with candida related health care.

Generally our members come here for candida diet advice, anti-fungal colon cleansing protocols, and sugar and allergy cravings and symptoms. 

I'm just going to do a short one here and ask you to post your answers. I know lots of you are on here reading because I can see the numbers of people logged in at any given time. 

Which do you need them most help with with?

A- how to use the core Whole Approach candida products

B- how to manage a healthy diet and cravings

C- how to avoid allergenic foods or environmental sensitivities

Feel free to reply below with the letters in order of importance for you.

Thanks guys!

Healing thoughts.


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I see 42 guests reading right now and apparently there are many unique IP's and page views so I know you guys are out there. Do any of you have questions or do you prefer to just read on the forum?

I try not to just imagine what you might need. I like to answer your actual questions. Let me know how things are going for you with the Whole Approach Candida Diet and the Whole Approach Candida Protocol.

Or just let me know how you've been feeling since you last posted.

Wishing you all well. 

Warm Regards,


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