Welcome to the recipe sections of the forum!

Hi folks,

Welcome to recipe sections of the forums. Thank you to all of you who have contributed!

If a recipe has been edited by me it will have asterisk in the subject line (from approx. Nov. 2009 onwards.) These astrisks have a different meaning from the ones within the post. 

Those asterisks within the posts are there to flag “questionable ingredients.”
These may or may not be OK for you and, any time you come to an asterisk you can read up on why it's there in this post. In some cases, alternatives are offered:


Considerations regarding questionable foods

Consuming too many of the questionable foods or consuming them often, can create problems so its best to keep them to a minimum though there are some foods that are fine for certain people and not for others. They may suppress your healing and or trigger binges, inflammation, or excess mucous. If you want to feel better than you do; it may be time to take a step back and reassess your choices. Remember “Nothing tastes as good as health feels!”

Happy Culinary Adventures!


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So the threads marked with a '!' are just 'necessary reading'? I somehow thought they were 'questionable/problematic' as well!! lol

Now I see why I had a hard time finding 'doable' Stage 1 recipes!! lol

A lot of the exact questions I've been having seem to be answered in some of the '!' threads! lol

/my 'very blonde moment' apparently!! Smile Hopefully it's now officially ended Smile /

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