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By joining this forum, you've taken an important first step towards healing. Our moderators and our members provide support for those taking on the challenge of a candida program.


Below please find the most important links that introduce what Whole Approach can offer you on your healing path.


About Candida Related Complex (Candidiasis)


If you want to assess your symptoms, you may want to look at the About Candida section as well as the Diagnosing Candida section.


Tips for filling in the questionnaire


Getting the Most from the Forum

The Purpose of the Forum

Forum Etiquette and Making the Most of the Forum

About our Moderators

Introductory Post from moderator Tarilee


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Understanding Candida Related Complex (CRC)

About CRC 


The Whole Approach Product Protocol The Whole Approach product protocol is based on a three month cyles of a quality, natural, additive free anti fungals combined with colon cleansing products. The products combine to create a powerful, yeast detoxifying scrub brush for the entire intestinal tract.

Whole Approach Product Protocol- The Five Phases

Starting the program, what to expect

Success stories from Whole Approach members

Starting the anti-fungal protocol gradually

Separating the 'Purge Drink' from meals and supplements

Scheduling your remedies 

Length of Program

About Die Off

Whole Approach can help you achieve resilient health

Why use natural products?- Plants Vs Pharmaceuticals
Whole Approach Diet Tips

Purchasing Products from the Whole Approach Store

To access the Whole Approach Online Store, just click the shopping link at the top of the main page. There you will find product guides for each product listed.


Complementary Health Supports

Complementary products to support the whole body are available through the Whole Approach store to complement your candida detoxification and health recovery program.


To learn about why additive free supplements are preferable, have a look at the article, The Problem of Additives in Supplements.


Parasite cleansing, to do or not to do..


Food Therapy - The Whole Approach Candida Diet

The other part of our program is the food therapy plan. The food lists and diet instructions offer you the combined benefits of a whole foods, yeast free, sugar free, low glycemic, and reduced carbohydrate diet.  
Here is a link to Whole Approach Candida Diet overview. And here is a link to the recommended food lists and the instructions that explain how to use the food lists. This post suggests food serving sizes.


As per the diet instructions (linked above) we recommend you only proceed to the next stage of the candida diet once you have lowered your score on the candida symptom questionnaire. Here is another page that offers tips for filling in the questionnaire.



Diet Stages vs Protocol Phases

It's important to note that the three stage Whole Approach diet is separate from the protocol phases. While the protocol phases consist of three month cycles, the diet stages transition as you become healthier and your score on the candida symptom questionnaire improves.



Here is a link to the Recipes for Recovery book and here is the link to the recipes section of the forum that can also be accessed under the Forums button drop down list at the top of any page on the forum. 


Food Allergies

Because of the drain that candida overgrowth places on the immune system and the digestive tract, CRC is often linked with food allergies. You can read about food allergies and candida  the food allergies post.


In some cases the problem with food allergies becomes severe and limiting and some may find their allergies increasing in number. This can be caused by the intestinal tract becoming damaged from the fungus and a resulting condition called Leaky Gut Syndrome.


If this is the case, a four-day food therapy rotation plan could be considered as a way of preventing any more new allergies and potentially reducing reactivity to current ones. See the link above to the food allergies article, which includes a brief explanation of this approach.


Rotation Diet Support

In the book section of the online store here you can find an excellent diet guide that helps you design your own rotation diet. It's by Sondra Lewis and is called Allergy and Candida Cooking Made Easy. Allergy and Candida Cooking


Die Off- What it is and how to manage it

To understand die off and how to healthfully negotiate with your body’s ability to detoxify candida and it’s by products, check out the.
Die Off post.


For personal supervision due to complex health issues

Selecting a Primary Care Practitioner to supervise your healing program


Candida Related Complex- a contagious condition?

Candida Related Complex is not thought to be contagious condition but genital yeast is. Click here for more information.


Help your loved ones understand candida

It is possible that important people in your life might not understand what you think is happening in your body or why you are changing your lifestyle in order to resolve it. Though not essential to our success it can be easier for us to pursue a path if our loved ones understand it and will support us on it.


Some forum members find that sharing some of the resources from the site can be an effective means of informing friends and family about Candida Related Complex. But take comfort in the truth that even if your friends and family are not interested in learning more about candida or if they are skeptical or unsupportive, this forum was created so that you can find the support you need to help you get better. Most members fine it helpful to regularly check in to read the postings from fellow members, especially when feeling the need for support.


Helping others understand

Twelve ways to maximize your healing

To inspire your partner or family towards understanding your situation with a post by the very loving partner of one of our past members:
To all loving partners and family members....


Staying 'Regular'

This article provides some helpful information about this common modern condition. Article about Constipation


Digestive Wellness
. And here is another article to help you enhance your digestion. Tips for Digestive Wellness


Other articles and products to help with better digestion:

Do's and Don'ts for Better Digestion

Smooth Operator for ailing digestive tracts

Absorb Aid Digestive Enzymes

Canadian Bitters for Better Digestion

Canadian Bitters

UAS Probioplus


More Healing Help

Twelve Ways to Maximize Healing

How to Explain to Others


Hidden Gifts

Though at the beginning you may see your diet and lifestyle changes as limitations  you might surprise yourself by choosing to make some of the changes permanent, simply because they make you feel good.


When you feel vitalized you'll know that you've found the right combination! And you'll be doubly sure of your success when people in your life start asking you what you're doing differently. Your newfound increased health, your sparkling white eyes, clear skin and buoyant mood might even inspire those around you.


Many people who have recovered from CRC on the Whole Approach protocol have eventually developed gratitude to this condition. The self care skills and intuition that we learn through a healing process can enhance the quality and length of the rest of our life and the challenges that healing can bring can develop our compassion (for ourselves and others.) Our emotional state and our "thought diet" are as important as all of our other health care put together, not just because we have an emotional immune system.


Modern neuroplasticity tells us that our entire brain and body and the life circumstances we influence by our mental/emotional state are all majorly impacted by how mindfully and discerningly we can generate mind states through our courage and our choice.  This journey brings us an opportunity for healing on many levels. For when you have extra time and the interest to explore expanded views of influences on health, I've posted a collection of neuroplasticity and mind-body links to videos. 


All the best to you on your healing journey. I look forward to walking with you as you find your way to better health and happiness.





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