You had asked me about my water intake with the psyllium husk. I am on the Attogram psyllium husk. I increased my water with the psyllium husk since I did not know that I needed to drink that much with the purge. So I am drinking about 8 oz. of water with the purge and then 16 oz. or so after taking it. For a total of 24 ozs. Is that the correct way to do it? I drink a lot of water daily. I had a practitioner (some years back) that told me that I was not hydrated even though I was drinking a lot of water then as well.

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Some people hydrate better when they drink electrolytes (coconut water) and when they slightly increase sodium (himalayan sea salt) but salt is something you should talk with your doctor about before increasing too much. A blood test may be helpful. There are things you can do to increase hydration and a Naturopathic Doctor could help you with this. 

It's good you're drinking two extra glasses of water with the purge though one extra one may be enough. 

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