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I realize there has been discussion on this topic, but I didn't see the answer to my question:  I soaked and dehydrated my walnuts, as I usually do.  I placed them in a plastic zip locked bag and have discovered mold on them now.  Evidentially they were not completely dry.  Can I soak and dry them again?  Just wash them?  Does someone know what to do?  Thanks.

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Bummer to lose expensive nuts in such a way!


Mold is common on walnuts to begin with. I don't know how easy it is to find unpasteurized, non-irradiated walnuts so am not sure if they will germinate.


If you are soaking, germinating and dehydrating nuts, if 100% of the moisture is not removed and you put them in a sealed container, even if they did not have mold on them before, they will be very likely to get moldy due to moisture and trace amounts of natural mold that is everywhere.


No there is nothing you can do now except feed them to the compost.


If you're not saving for long term storage and you want a slightly lower risk strategy for storing nuts you've dried you could try cloth bags. A lot of health food stores sell them for storing dry fruit etc. They are usually made from organic cotton cloth.





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