WA Ettiquette and Making the Most of the Forum

Here are a few tips that I hope will help all of you to make the most of the forum and to utilize our moderator service efficiently to help ensure that everyone gets the most out of the forum. Thanks for taking the time to review them.


Where to Post Questions:
We check for posted questions in the Q and A sections of the forum in Mondays and Thursdays. Tarilee comes on to post for a couple of hours, usually in the morning PST.

Has Your Question Already Been Answered in the Past?
We encourage you to do a search before posting a question so to prevent us from having to post answers to questions that have already been answered repeatedly. We realize it is hard to know sometimes whether it will be worth doing a search or not and sometimes, you'll just have to check on the search or… ask it anyway and we may suggest you try a search if we know there have been ample past discussions on the subject.

We have an excellent search engine built into the site. You can click on the advanced search option if you’d like to narrow the search down and set it to search by author name or by date or just in a specific forum section.

Even if you don't find the precise answer you're looking for it can be very helpful to see what’s been discussed on your topic of interest in the past. In some cases you may find all the answers you need within the results of your search. In other cases, you may still feel the need to ask your question but at least you’ll have some background knowledge on the subject and maybe even find greater clarity about what you need to know.

When searching the forums, try different words that may apply to your question. For example: if you would like to read posts about constipation, do a search using the word constipation -and also try other words such as constipated. The search function is very specific and spelling is also very important.

Also make sure that you select to "Search ALL open forums and archives" If using more than one word in your search at a time, make sure you select "Match ANY of the search terms above" for the best results.

Start a Fresh Thread
When posting a question, if it doesn’t relate directly to an open thread, it is much better to start a new thread than to tack it on the bottom of a new thread. This helps a lot when you or other members are searching for a topic in the archives. It can be easily found by searching key words from the topic name or by searching the user name with the name of the originator of the thread. It also ensures that the question gets noticed by the moderators.

Help me Help you
I come online for less than two hours twice per week and I try to get to everyone's questions within that time. It is really helpful if you can keep your questions clear and direct and if you can start a new thread for each question.

Sometimes you need to give a little background information before posing a question but please help me help [all of] you by outlining your needs specifically. This helps me make sure I get to everyone's questions.

We don’t restrict the number of questions that members can ask but rather ask folks to keep fairness in mind when utilizing the resources here. Everyone needs different levels of support at different times in the program. We just ask that everyone be mindful so that we can help as many people as possible.

I send a heartfelt THANK YOU to those of our wonderful experienced members who jump in and respond to some of our “newbies” at the beginning of their programs guiding them to helpful resources here. This is a special brand of help from the "voice of experience" and it comes with a special flavour of empathy and compassion that is priceless.

Short Paragraphs
It is very helpful if you can space your posts out with small paragraphs for ease of reading for all.

Reading the Current Discussions
We answer questions with the assumption that most of you have read the educational literature provided on the forum and that you are reading the daily posts on a semi regular basis. Reading the active posts each time you visit will keep you up to date. You can also set up notifications for all postings.

Chatting vs. Mutual Support
Although this forum was not really set up as a chat forum, the ability to connect with others online who struggle with similar problems and successes is very important to our members.

Over the time that I’ve been with the forum, I’ve been amazed at the mutual support offered by our members to each other. Your support is much appreciated by myself and all the other members when you do step in to offer some love, wisdom and guidance.

I would never discourage those kinds of contributions! Smile

However if you find that your conversation is becoming quite personal and that it is following a topic that is not necessarily of the sort that will benefit other members, you are welcome to exchange emails with each other privately. By double clicking on a member’s name, you will display a drop down menu with the option to view that member’s profile. By clicking on their name/picture you can open a private discussion with them.

“Conversational” Posts vs. Questions for the Moderator
Sometimes I get pressed for time and need to read through quickly to find those that specifically require a response from me.

With this in mind, if you can post your conversational posts separately from your asking for help posts, it saves me digging the questions out of the post and leaves me more time to answer questions.(Thanks, Tari-Lee)

Please insert your questions clearly at the end of your post.
Once you’ve introduced your question, it’s most efficient if you can clearly state your question at the bottom of your post. We know that sometimes the questions just don't come out clearly, especially when you are feeling overwhelmed or unwell but I appreciate your effort in the direction of listing your questions as clearly and simply as possible.


Editing your post
There is a pencil and eraser icon in the bottom right corner of each post that allows you to edit or delete a message that you wrote in case you made a mistake that you don't see until after you've posted. You can edit your post for up to a half hour after posting.

Thanks to all of you for trying to help us make the most of the resources that we have available so that we can continue to support our members with the highest quality support possible.And thank you for your participation on the Whole Approach Forums!

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