Very serious mold issue, please help

Hello Tarilee,

please help….

I am still here and trying to do my best with the diet. The problem is that the diet is becoming more strict than it was at the beginning. I do feel better in most areas but in others it is likely not going to get better. The good thing is that I am sure I know why this is. I am extremly sensitive to mold, not only to eat but also to breathe. I have stayed for a very long part of my life under exposure to mold. I lived in a flat where I had black mold exposure, of course I did not know that there was mold. At the same time I was working in an office where there was some mold contained in the very old system of heating. Another source was my cottage. The worst mold of all is the black one, to which I am extremely sensitive up to now. I am sensitive as well to other kinds of toxins from molds, of course it depends on the kind and intensity. The problem is that here no one will help you with this kind of sensitivity. It causes me very serious problems in the nervous system and brain, as well as depression and anxiety.  Also I am losing weight very rapidly (5 kg per month) if I stay in the mold area (what is moldy for me it is not moldy for others, I have become extremely sensitive). Of course I have also the typical symptoms of food allergy after breathing mold like : beiing extremely tearful, over sensitivity, sadness, and irrational behavior …..  When I am sick I am screaming very loudly or doing other crazy things….

When I breathe mold it causes the Candida overgrow. Also I start to have horrible cravings (of course it depends how much and what kind). When there is only a little bit of mold other than the black one I have problems just in my nose or eyes. Another problem that is still very serious is Women’s Hormone Shift.

There is some very good news. First of all I know already what gives me trouble. Also my general health has improved incredibly. Since I started the diet it was about two and half years ago, I have not been using antibiotics or other drugs. I used to use antibiotics 3-5 times a year. I had also been prescribed a lot hormones for some gynecological problems. Now I know that it was wrong, but the doctors in my country always treated my problems with these remedies. Also I did take a lot of pills for aches from my head down to my stomach or just the ladies’ horrible menstrual pain. Or my awful migraine that I had sometimes up to 3 times a week and had to take the strongest pills that exist. My mother had the same problems… Now I have been all these years on the diet without any pills.  And I do not see any doctor for myself. Also my immune system has strengthened a lot. When the people around me are ill I do not catch cold normally, or just have a light one for one or two days.

I am still on a very strict diet stage one at all times. But I cannot eat any grains or legumes. So what I eat is a lot of salad and vegetables (fresh, boiled, or prepared on the pan with healthy oil) and a little bit of brown rice (very occasionally), potatoes (very occasionally) and sometimes meat. With the last one I have o lot of problems because I have to find a fresh cut and it is almost impossible in my country. I have also found that I cannot keep food in the freezer longer than (I do not know the exact time) maybe one or two weeks, otherwise I get sick.

I feel very good in the mountains, especially in the winter. But my sensitivity has made it almost impossible for me to travel. This year I had to change my accommodations 3 times during one week because of the presence of very small amounts of black mold in the room. Sports give me a lot of vitality, but the problem is what to eat so that I get the energy that I need from food.

Please, could you give me advice on what to do? I wrote en e-mail to Colet Lahoz, wanting to come to her clinic, but at the end her response was that the plane and hotel there could be too toxic for me, and that you could help me more with this issue J

I am sure I am on the right path, but when I feel sick I feel so miserable and desperate. Also the situation with my ill father does not help me at all.

Kind regards from Central Europe,








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Long time!


Your sensitivity to yeasts is indeed likely worse when you are already coping with other molds and your mental health symptoms, though little understood, are not that uncommon though very tough. You may need to find alternatives to the climate and housing scenarios you are exposed to.


Peri-menopausal women can have further increased sensitivity. A herbalist might be helpful for you with this.


I'm glad your immune system is growing stronger despite all the struggle. Less drugs means more healing potential on a deep level.


Grain free is easy enough and might be wise but you'll still want to include some starches. What about sprouted, cooked legumes? You may be able to grow your tolerance(see below). Aging meat is a good thing in some ways.


Directing your life based on where you feel good may be your best option though it will mean some hard choices. However you may be able to increase your tolerance by taking mold homeopathic and quercetin.


I've not heard to people allergic to frozen food but we can become sensitized to anything. It is essential that you learn about neuroplasticity and find practices to train your body and brain to be less sensitive. Check out DNR (Dynamic Neural Reprogramming).


Warmest Regards,







Hello again,


I also want to tell you about a homeopathic product called Natra Bio. This line of  homeopathic blends has a desensitizing formula for yeasts and molds. I highly recommend it when you are going through unwanted mold exposures. It will strengthen your body against molds.


Take good care,





thank you.  But please could you specify a bit more me this product for me? I was on the pages natrabio dot com and they have so many products there. But I did not find the proper one for mold and yeast problem.


My problem is that I can find mold in almost every location I move. My father’s home, my father’s office, the clinic my father attends, my new flat…. And I am under a bid pressure and horrible stress because of the illness of my father but it is another story. But it is very bad…I would need to learn to very good technique for relaxation. But when I found some classes I was not able to attend because of the humidity there. I have tried in the mean time brain kinesiology. Also I put away the last dental filing (15 months ago) and did some metal detoxification.. 


Just now I remember that always I have had some troubles in the humid places/ mold areas.


Thank you also for your advice of the product Quercetin. Good news, I can buy this in my country! I hope tomorrow I will get it.


Thanks a lot, 


I would strongly recommend that you work on strengthening your body through yeast reduction and through neuroplasticity informed brain rehabilitation. Check out DNR for more on this. I think you're on that track possibly with brain kenesiology, not sure what that is. Also check out these links here on neuroplasticity.


Here is the link to the mold homeopathic.


I too live in a place where mould is everywhere. Learning about environmental health, trying to build your own natural home with self drying wall cavities made from mold and moisture resistant healthy building materials and utilizing filtration and air exchange/ventilation systems will help. You'll be best off if you can find a way to own a home in a location that gets full sun when it is out. Use electric or wood cookstove stove not propane and drier, radiant heat not forced air or propane/gas.


Take good care,












I saw your post and couldn't ignore it.  I know you live in Europe, but have you heard of Dr, Ritchie Shoemaker?  He is a MD who specializes in Biotoxin illness (this includes Mold and Mycotoxin illness).  I highly recommend that you check out his website.  I have been exposed to dangerous mold and viruses as well from dry rot and a leaking roof. It can be very serious to your health if you don't treat it.  People who are exposed to mold and who have a genetic predisposition to be sensitive to it cannot fully gain their health back until properly treated.  You can work with Dr. Richie Shoemaker via Skype or one of his certified practitioners that can be found on his website.  He also has a book out called "Surviving Mold".  I know we can't post links on here so all you have to do is do a Google search for Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker and it should come right up.  There is a lot of great information on his website on his treatment protocol. Good luck!

Oh well I wish that I could say that I've made leaps and bounds, but I have not. It's taken me a while to research all of this information and over a year to continuously hone my diet and discover food intolerances through an elimination diet.  I transitioned (about six months ago) to mostly an Autoimmune Paleo diet following Sarah Ballantyne's website.  I have Hashimotos Thyroiditis.  Since doing that, I have uncovered some more food intolerances I didn't know I had and I have taken a couple steps backwards by slipping back in to eating foods I shouldn't or drinking decaf coffee.  These were short lived, but I severely paid the price.  My situation is a little more complex than most probably.  I am working with a specialist (Gastroenterologist) right now because my GI issues are so horrendous.  It's looking like I may have Lyme too.  I see him for a follow up to get more comprehensive test results and then if this is the case, then I will be needing to consult with a doctor in San Francisco who deals with both Mold illness and Lyme.  Not many doctors do this and this doctor has trained with Dr. Shoemaker and I believe, Dr. Klinghardt.  The Gastroenterologist is going to be focusing on healing my leaky gut which is how, as you may know, autoimmune diseases can develop.  He told me this needs to be done first before dealing with the other issues. It's all pretty complex to me and I'm not entirely sure how the doctor in SF will approach this considering Lyme and Mold illness involve two different treatment protocols (although symptoms can be identical).  All I can say is, Qi gong, Kundalini yoga, meditation combined with prayer are the only things that truly make me feel better. Well, of course, acupuncture and massage are awesome too if I have the money, but those other things are more long lasting because you're working on yourself in a daily practice.  The dedication of daily practice is something I struggle with though.  The advice I would give to people is to just take it day by day. I listen to an awesome podcast called, Autoimmune Adventures, by a woman named Julie Stiles.  This has really helped too in case anyone is interested.


And thanks for asking how I've been doing, Tarilee. Having a chronic illness can be very isolating.

Yes you do have a complex health picture though when it comes to CRC, people who struggle who are most affected by it, it does often come with other complexities- hard to say which causes which in natural systems.


It sounds like you're taking a holistic approach, addressing your whole self healing and seeking help. Have you read the article about how healing CRC is an opportunity for mental, emotional and physical healing? Have you continued with the purge drink and anti-fungal cycles?


The companionship offered by online sites like Whole Approach is was not a possibility until the proliferation of internet access. Daily practice gets easier when we find community support whether online or in local groups.


As for the forum , I hope you can celebrate the feeling of walking along with others on the same path even if you don't know each other. Do check in now and again to let us know how you're doing. 





Hi Tarilee,


Yes I was on the Bentonite Clay and Psyllium from this website, but I got off them for a while when I was working with an OMD.  She put me on custom Chinese herbs.  They seemed to help, but were just not enough.  The mold doctor I consulted with told me to do a similar "purge" type drink, but it doesn't contain psyllium. I cannot tolerate psyllium as I have come to find out.  Since seeing the GI doc recently, he says to hold off on the clay drink just for now.  He is trying to seal my gut using specific medical food supplements. 


And yes, I am working on to trying to find a Qi gong community, but I can't seem to find one for the type of Qigong that I practice.  I am bound to find something though.


Thank you for thinking of me.  I know its probably a long road ahead of me for treatment, but I know I can get there.  Thanks for your support.


I will stay in touch.


Hello Tarilee,

I am back again. Two years ago I went to EHC Dallas, to doctor Rea clinic... And they realised I had been exposed to very toxic Stachybotrys and of course also some other mold.  And my sensitivity was very very high...

I came back to my country after three months staying at the clinic but I was not able to continue my protocol because of the illnes of my father. I have got more sick because the horrible mold is everywhere especially in Prague. You can find it in most hospitals, working building, etc. I have tried so many possibilities where to stay but I am so sensitive that it is very difficult for me to find accomodation. 

I have not contacted any other doctor in US but I will have to do it very soon. The problem is that my father is very very ill now and I am the only child.  It is horrible what is going on here the people around him are stealing everything frpm him....

Which center would  you recomend me in this moment? Maybe it could be good idea to contact somebody via mail or skype...

Ane of course I know that then clean air outside and inside are both very important....

Just I can not find it know....








Hello Radka,

How nice to see you back and how awful to hear the circumstances that brought you back to us. That sounds very difficult and all consuming, both the issues with your dad and the ever present mold.

I have no idea what products you have available to you there but a homeopathic blend that treats for mold and fungus sensitivity could be very helpful for you.

Natra Bio brand drops called Mold and Yeast (I think), are the ones that come to mind . They are very safe and you can take them many times a day to relieve symptoms. It helps if you have candida especially though is not a cure for it. 

Buffered vitamin C and quecetin can also be helpful as can nettle tea and probiotics. And there is a new product being used like an anti-histamine that I don't know much about. It's expensive but the studies on it are encouraging. It's called Butterbur (Petasites hybrids) and has been found to be as effective as some drug anti-histamines.

Your qi gong and breathing exercises can help you stay calm to boost your bodies own anti-allergy response. 

A Blue Air air cleaner with the smoke stop and chemical filters can help your air when you are at 'home'. They too are very pricey and not easy to fly with so I doubt this will help you.

Environmental Illness help is available through though I think they specialize in heavy metals more these days and I understand their prices to be very high. I don't know anything about the kind or quality of care you would get. Sorry not to be more help.

Do take good care, as well as you can. My heart goes out to you at this difficult time. You are stronger than you think.



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