Vaginal yeast infections and candida overgrowth

If you are having chronic yeast infections you may have also have a general yeast overgrowth in your intestines. It is also possible that if you have no other symptoms you could have a mild case of candida overgrowth with particular susceptibility in the vaginal region. You could also be exposing yourself to some sort of irritant that is contributing to the infections (conventional scented and chemical-laden laundry soaps, foaming baths, soap, or certain feminine hygiene products). You'll want to consider these possibilities as you investigate your problem further.

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Hello! I'm wondering if anyone has experienced die off symptoms with vaginal glabrata? It seems most cases (from what I have read) have only shared experiences of die off if they've had it systemically, or in their intestines etc. But I haven't found any information about anyone having die off symptoms if they have vaginal glabrata... which is what I have.  I'm new here and hope I'm posting my reply in the right place. Thank you for any help!


I'm not familiar with that condition. What I can tell you is that women who are susceptible to vaginal yeast issues have been the most likely to suffer from vaginal symptoms during die off. It's actually rare from my experience here to hear these reports but when they do happen, it's with people who have been experiencing a period of vaginal sensitivity. It is possible to restore balance however as I have known many people to work through these issues with whole health care and attention topically as well (to exposures to any substances that are foreign to the vagina, chemical or have a different pH).

You may wish to search the women's section of the forum for related terms to see what others have posted about their experiences and solutions.

Also, this section may be helpful though again, I'm not familiar with your condition, nor am I a medical professional so this is information only (not medical advice).

Take good care.


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