UTI or Detoxing???

So I have been doing this diet, and drinking only water for almost 2 months now. I've felt pretty good, other than stressing out over how and what to eat. The past few days I've really tried to up my water intake to help move the healing process along. Well yesterday morning (*TMI* Alert!) my urine started smelling really bad! I didn't really think much of it, because that was the only symptom. As time has progressed it's turning into what feels like a UTI. It burns when I pee, and really bad afterwards, and when I need to urinate. Up until just now it didn't hurt inbetween. It's now starting to burn no matter what. UTI are THE WORST! I don't want to take anything to supress it, especially if its a healing crisis. Which I assume it is....any thoughts? Does anyone know what I could do to help ease the symptoms but help move the healing process along gently? Thanks for any advice!!
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Oooh darn! This would not be a healing crisis.

You'll want to confirm with your doc that this is what is going on and you'll need to act quickly to treat it so you do not have serious consequences. We have some ideas on the site for how others have treated uti's naturally but do remember that web based advice can not replace the advice of your doctor or ND.

Search for 'd-mannose' and 'cantharis' on here and you'll pull up past discussions.

Take good care and I hope you see the end of this very quickly. The faster you treat it, the better your remedies will work.

Hi there - From my own experience, when I went off sugar last year, I had the same symptoms, minus the smell. I drank about a tablespoon of pure cranberry juice with 32 oz of water (that was the size of my reusable plastic water bottle) and it helped relieve the symptoms. Sorry to hear that you're not feeling well, I know UTI's are dreadful!

On a side note: Sometimes when you eat asparagus it can cause your urine to smell.
I just find it very odd that I didn't have recurring UTI's for over a year or so, and now all of a sudden after I've only done things good for my health I get one.
My daughter recently touched the stove and burned her fingers and I bought Cantharsis for burn pain, and just now realized that it's commonly used for Bladder Irritation! So I was VERY lucky to have it! I've been taking that and Arnica, and drinking tons of water.
I read on other places that bladder infections were common with detoxification/healing crisis, what exactly is it that made you say it's not a healing crisis? Just wondering, trying to figure all of this out!

I'm so glad you're feeling a bit better. I get UTIs chronically but as die off as well--either way I drink stevia sweetened cranberry juive twice a day for maintenance and more often that that if I get an infection--that has always worked for me. If I could afford a bunch of d-mannose I'd use that instead, as it's the most effective thing I've ever taken for UTIs, but the cran does the trick most of the time. In fact I used that d-mannose for my dog too when she was suffering and she was fine within 6 hours!!

In any case good luck!

I would be very cautious of interpreting signs of infection as die off or a healing crisis. If anything causes bacteria to be rubbed into the urethra, you can end up with a UTI.I suppose it is possible that other causes of irritation could be responsible but this would not likely be common.

With a condition that manifests like a UTI,I would want to see proper treatment utilized. For some, who are under appropriate supervision and or, who trust in their ability to practice natural self care, the 'treatement' may be as described in the previous discussions that you read. Cantharis, d-mannose and cranberry juice, sometimes combined with a specific anti-bacteria like Thorne's berberis extract product or goldenseal. I cannot give any medical advice and so cannot advise accordingly.

Take good care,

Thanks so much for the replies and information ladies! I really appreciate it! I had never heard of D-Mannose. The infection went away and then came back. So i'm going to get some D-mannose today. I went to school for natural therapeutics and learned a lot about herbal and homeopathic medicine, so I trust them whole heartedly!! I'm really excited to see if the D-Mannose works as well as EVERYBODY says it does! Thanks again Smile

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