UTI- Bacteria or maybe Candida?

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I hope someone has had the same problem that I am having for the last 5 years and that is a Urinary Tract infection, then being prescribed antibiotic, then sometimes as soon as a week later like now symptoms are back.  Could this be candida in the urinary tract and has anyone found a solution? I have been to two Urologists only to be told Im normal. Could a strict Candida diet .help this situation? I am at my wits end because I dont want to keep taking antibiotics (been on over 130 courses since a week after I was born, every year and now I am 60  yo.) Yet Ido not want progession to the kidneys...no doctor seems to get to the crux of the problem and urine tests do not detect candida or other fungus.  PLEASE HELP!

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I had a problem a few years back with UTI's and went back and forth to the Dr a few times, they prescribed antibiotics and they helped a little but not 100%. I finally did a little research and started taking D-mannose pills and they work great. They are more potent than cranberry pills. If you do a search for them  you should find a lot of info about it.

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D- Mannose, unsweetened cranberry concentrate (diluted with water and sweetened with chemical free, quality stevia and Probium Probiotics are a great preventative duo.

If you do get an infection, I would recommend you discuss natural treatments with your naturopathic physician. Thorne Formulations makes an excellent berberine blend that kills off the bacteria without bringing on a yeast infection like the antibiotics can. Some homeopathics can be wonderful for easing the discomfort while you work in other ways to relieve the infection. (e.g cantharis eases the burning).

Also, if you are sexually active, be aware that intercourse without ample lubrication (ideally personal and/or natural and pH balanced), can prevent the protective 'valve' on the urethra from working effectively and foreign matter can be forced in, causing urinary tract irritation and/or infection.

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I had a problem with UTI's a few years ago. Now I had been on the diet awhile, but it was caused by too much die off. I don't know for sure if a strict diet would help, but I took D-mannose pills to help. You can do a search for them, they are more potent than cranberry pills and they work great. 

I had gone to the Dr's a few times and was prescribed antibiotics, and they only helped a little with the symptoms, but the D-mannose pills took care of it.

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