ugh. candida for nearly 10 years with no solution.

hi all,


i've recently come across this forum and decided to take the candida quiz/assessment thing. i scored 355. (considering severe starts at 81.... i was pretty astounded.)

i have suffered from severe genital and anal itching (and white mucus or so discharge) since i was about 14. my vagina constantly emits a discharge which smells like acid or vinegar (can be coloured also). i have been treated for everything under the sun (scabies, STDs, you name it- and i've never had one of these). the doctors constantly tell me the same thing- use difflucan/canestan/nistatin etc, but within 2 days MAXIMUM of taking these, the symptoms are back- sometimes worse than the last time.

My dermatologist diagnosed me with psoriasis on my vaginal area, and the cream provides some relief (so i am assuming the constant scratching has lead to psoriasis developing on my skin now.... joy.)

i am a very picky eater and am also on a student budget so how would i go about getting rid of this? it's been nearly 10 years now and after trying stuff that doesnt work, i need to do something that will.

Other info: i am 65kg (roughly) but look like im about 8 months pregnant (and i dont know why). i am under 25 and have a lot A LOT of cellulite around my legs. i go to the gym at least 4 times a week and train with sports 3 times a week yet it is impossible to lose weight. my stomach constantly feels like it is being pushed out, even when i try to detox. I was thinking of getting a colonoscopy/colonic irrigation to help, but funds don't allow at the moment so i am looking for something which may suffice (a home detox remedy or something im not sure what).

any advice/ideas? greatly appreciated.

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Hi there am,


Welcome to Whole Approach,


What you describe sounds like a frustrating, long lasting problem. I can understand your eagerness to resolve it. The Whole Approach forum offers coaching for our members completing our Whole Approach Candida Diet and the Whole Approach Candida Protocol. These combined strategies can help balance your intestinal ecology, put you in touch with what foods work and don't work for you and generally give your body a chance to reduce inflammation and reduce pathogenic infections such as yeast. All of our methods are geared towards boosting the bodies natural healing ability, including immune function.


We cannot offer anything resembling a medical diagnosis or a prescription for treating illness. However, we can help you learn how to take care of your health and hopefully, activate healing.


To address some of your issues more thoroughly than the core protocol here, you may wish to complement the protocol with some of the other products available in our store (which you can read about in our welcome post.) 


Many women who have recovered their health with the help of this forum were on a constant cycle of yeast infection, bladder infection, antibiotics, yeast infection and so on….. Though the topical products here offer excellent support and soothing care for vaginal health, addressing the excess yeast and susceptibility to yeast infections via a whole health care program, is essential. This program can help you create a body that is resilient and thus not so negatively affected by yeast. 


If you have serious medical conditions then you may also need to enlist the help/supervision of a licensed naturopathic doctor.


I'm here Mondays and Thursdays to answer questions about what you read here on our site. Please let me know if you need assistance.


Take good care,



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