Two of my favourite flu season products

For most of us, cold weather is upon us and with it, more indoor time and the regular sharing of colds and flus.

Saint Francis Herb Farm has two amazing products I recommend for a well stocked herbal first aid cabinet.
EchinaSeal Infection Fighting Tincture in a regular manner at the first sign of a cold, flu or infection, it will almost certainly ward it off. Sometimes it will even work in one dosage! You can feel it working inside your body. It's amazing.

The instructions from the suppliers say to use it every one to three hours for the first few hours that you are fighting it. Once you get the symptoms controlled, you can use it every three hours for several days to make sure the virus does not come back. They say not to use it more than ten days in a row. You will be unlikely to require it this often as it is very potent.

If you want to prevent the need for the acute usage of the Echinaseal, one of the most powerful immune bolsterers is the Deep Immune Tonic tincture or Deep Immune Tonic capsules. Taken daily for three weeks out of each four weeks, this product has the potential to dramatically increase immune resistance. It is so effective, it is SFHF's best selling product.

I love using both of these products.


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