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I am abouot 5-6 weeks into this Candida diet and I am going to be travelling ALOT this month and next month. We will be back and forth between home and a major city for doctor's appointments...3 different times between now and the beginning of August. I am very concerned about what I am going to eat. I can pack some items...but I don't see how I can pack food for all of the meals I will be missing (breakfast, etc). None of the trips will be for more than a day or two. But, my husband/children will be with me and they will stop to eat somewhere. Any suggestions? Not cheating has been VERY hard for me, i'm surrounded by food I cannot have, when I go shopping, when i'm at friends/families houses.

Also, I have not experienced any "die off" reactions yet, at least i'm not sure if I have. I was sick with a cold 2 weeks ago, it lasted for 5 days then I got better. Typically, I am sick for a week to 10 days and it turns into a sinus infection and requires antibiotics, this did not. Could that have been die off or simply a summer cold? I have not started my anti-fungals yet. I will start the Psyllium/clay/caprylic acid mix tonight and am concerned with that as well due to the reactions you can have. I'm super sensitive to taking anything new...any suggestions on starting that as well?
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Hi rena!

Welcome to the forum! wave3

When I first started, my mom was very ill and at the Mayo Clinic. When I was there I would have a veggie omelet - no cheeze for breakfast as one of my options. Plain chicken or steak and veggies was another option. In desperation I might have a grilled chicken wrap at a fast food place, although you might find better options. I get crabby when too hungry, so I didn't want to be starving all the time.

I did the best I could, knowing that the choices I was making was better than the junk I used to eat.

There are muffins that travel well. And hummus and veggies could pack in a cooler easily. I find that filling. I've even packed bite size cut up hamburger, with a tooth pick to stab it, in a baggie when I've needed a snack on the road.

And the chocolate waffles I just made are yummy and would travel very well. For stage 1 make them with olive oil or coconut oil or ghee. The recipe is under coconut ice cream, and I used the chocolate waffles to make ice cream sandwiches.

I found die-off not very pleasant. Knowing what I know now, I don't think I'd want to be traveling and have die-off at the same time. Especially if I was traveling with children. But that's just me.

It's great that you haven't had any die-off yet. Don't know what to think about the "cold". I know that my nose was running like crazy when I first started, as my sinuses cleared out.

Good Luck! Let us know how it's going. Good for you for staying strong in spite of being around so many temptations!

Ah, yes. The eternal question of how to travel with the ACD.

I've honestly found that the best approach is an annoying and obsessive level of over-preparation.

If I'm going to be staying in hotels, I make a point of finding one with a mini fridge, at least.

If you're traveling in the car, it's all much easier, since you can bring a cooler and you're not as limited on space. Hummus and veggies, hardboiled eggs, quinoa-based salad (I bring dressings in a jar to add later) are all good for packing along in the car.

Flying is a different story. Airport food is horrible even if you don't have lots of restrictions. I bring food for the plane always: raw veggies, HB eggs, flax muffins (recipe from this forum), nut butters. I was afraid to try flying with hummus, since I didn't know if it would fall into the banned "liquids/gels" category in US airports. I couldn't stand to see them throw it away!

As for restaurants, like Gay said, ordering plain steak, fish, or chicken is always an option. I'm always kind of scared to get scrambled eggs in restaurants b/c I'm afraid they put powdered milk in the egg mix, and dairy is my kryptonite. I usually get boiled eggs, or fried eggs.

I have a week-long vacation coming up this month (yay!!), and I need to start planning NOW so that I can relax on my trip without worrying about my next meal.
Hi rena,

I'm only a few weeks into the program as well and I also have concerns about traveling. I am gone frequently for work - day trips and overnighters. I already sat down and made a list of things I can make ahead and freeze to take with me.

For breakfast, I made mung bean pancakes and buckwheat pancakes. Both recipes are posted in the forum.

For lunches and dinners, I made a bunch of soups and froze them. I figured I'll just put them in the fridge the night before and let them thaw and then keep them in a cooler the next day. Or, as Gay said - veggies and hummus would be something quick and easy you can grab at a grocery store if you're out and about.

My main concern is sticking with the rotation diet while away. I think that will be the toughest for me.

Good luck! I know it's frustrating and difficult, but with a little creativity I'm sure it can be done. Hopefully this will all be worth it in the end!
Hi Rena!

I wish you good travels with good food and I appreciate the tips the folks have offered you above.

Taking crackers and pancakes or pan bread will help you a lot. You can also make hummus or other dips that travel well and take them. In a pinch, unsweetened, organic cereal and unsweetened boxed 'milk's can help- along with a shaker of stevia filled at home for travel before you go.

Taking dry pasta might in some very open minded restaurants, offer you the option to have them make your food with it.

A vega brand Smoothie mix can be a quick meal with some stevia and water and flax oil and flavour or even minus the oil...not so exciting without veggies and a blender but it still might help.

Raw veggies and dip is another great travel meal.

Search "Vacation" and "Travelling" and "holiday" and "restaurant" as well as checking otu the tips on "eating out" in the Diet section. You'll get loads of ideas!

Rice and bean salads travel well too as do avocados!

Take good care!

I've had to travel a bunch over the last 6 weeks and it's challenging. Sometimes I miss the "good old days" when I could stop at any drive-thru and get something to fill my belly. But then I remember how I felt after eating that stuff and try to mentally move on.

My best defense against road hunger is to prep a salad with my own dressing before I leave and add either a burger patty or piece of grilled chicken from a fast food restaurant. I don't even use a cooler for my salad - I just put the container near an a/c vent inside the car.

My travel dressing is nut butter with a splash of Bragg Liquid Aminos and olive oil. I usually take an unopened jar of almond butter with me to use while I'm away. Plus a small container of oil and Braggs.

I always take some "Mary's Gone Crackers" since those satisfy my need for crunch.

Salad bars in grocery stores can be wonderful things. Try stopping at one for a meal with your family. Lots of big chains will make subs at the deli counter and you can get some salad and a slice or two of turkey.

As with everything else on this diet, planning is the key! Figure out what YOU would like to eat while traveling and find a way to have it available. I pack a small box of condiments to cook with (organic onions, seasonings, oils etc.) as well as any tools I might need (a paring knife, veggie peeler, small cutting board...) It takes some effort, but it's worth the trouble!

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