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I will be traveling to Guatemala in a few weeks for 10 days with Candida. I will be working at a camp and in a large group of people so cannot do any of my own shopping. The camp provides three meals a day consisting typically of chicken, tortillas, beans, rice, occasionally spaghetti, pizza, and burgers. Last year I got really sick and my naturopath wants me to stay away from any fresh fruits & veggies just to be sure!

Anyways, trying to figure out what to pack since I will not be able to cook for myself or shop for myself. Thinking I will check a bag and bring boxed almond milk as well as a plant based meal replacement shake just to get me by when I can't eat certain meals. I am looking into backpacking meals that can be made with hot water also and maybe canned soup? 

Definitely going to bring nut butters, trail mix, and as many dehydrated veggies as I can also. 

Any suggestions?

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Hi there,

Here's what I'd do....

For smoothies

Take a micro drink mixer (battery operated thing about four inches X 1.5 inches when in its pouch) to stir the following options in with water or unsweetened almond milk (in boxes).

Barley grass juice powder (to drink with water as a raw vegetable supplement)

Organic Traditions Smooth Movement probiotic smoothie blend

Sprouted flax meal from Organic Traditions 

A sprouted and fermented protein powder (there are a few these days)

MCT liquid coconut oil (to help you feel full and energized)

Flavoured stevia in glycerine

For snacks...

Sprouted and seasoned nuts and seeds

Coconut chips (the melt in your mouth, unflavoured kind made from young coconut - you'll just have to try some to find the best ones)

Seed crackers (ideally without any rice but Mary's will do)

Homemade raw or seed crackers

For backpacking meals...

Dried soups are not super nutritious but might do in a pinch. Dried veggies aren't very appetizing. Organic jersey might be good.  

Hmmm... drawing a blank here. Maybe someone else will pitch in some ideas. Maybe go to camping websites for more....

Hope some of the above are helpful.


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