Toxicity of Farmed Salmon

This is old news but I just came across this research information again and thought I'd post a reminder about the dangers of eating farmed salmon. 

I can't comment on the extreme language in this article but they do collect some convincing points in one place. 

I used to recommend information lists recommending more ethical and less contaminated fish species. However, I hesitate to recommend wild fish. I personally eat herring still as it is very low on the food chain but even the bottom of the food chain eats poorly and has some health/toxicity challenges these days.

Given the decline in the health of our oceans and the rising levels of pollution in the environment and diet of fish (including nano and micro plastics and nuclear radiation), what we need today is backyard and community scale organic aquaponic farms. We can produce organically raised, healthy fish in synergy with organic vegetables fertilized from their wastes. 

Advocate for this change in your communities, ask your local farmers to consider it and learn about what it would take to do it in your backyard. Youtube is full of aquaponic resources!


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