Told body is toxic

Been informed by two health professionals - that body is toxic.

Tarilee or anyone with knowledge, how do you know when you can or should take the next step and what is the next step?  Acupuncture?  Colonics?  More colon cleansing?  Chelation of heavy metals that I tested many  years ago?  Where to best test now for heavy metals to get a current accurate baseline now? 


Told undermythelator so ridding toxins could be a challenge?????


Your understanding and assistance here would be much appreciated.



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Hi Verona,


Most complementary health care practices share, to one degree or another, that our modern lifestyles rich in dietary and industrial chemicals and our innate stress related biochemicals, result in a chronic state of toxicity. I do not believe the human body has evolved to the degree required to  effectively detoxify all these chemicals we come in contact with, at least not at the rate that we are exposed to new ones.


Reduce toxic load is step one and cleansing candida, which releases constant mycotoxins is an important part of this. Eating an all natural, anti-inflammatory diet according to the directions here, is another. Here is some information about some of the product options sold in the online store.



Complementary Health Supports

Complementary products to support the whole body are available through the Whole Approach store to complement your candida detoxification and health recovery program.


To learn about why additive free supplements are preferable, have a look at the article, The Problem of Additives in Supplements.



Another important component of complementary health care involves strengthening the terrain of the body by boosting immune function. And finally, the energetics and emotions that also create our health picture are important to address. 


This program is designed to provide a detoxifying diet and colon cleansing products that can be complemented to provide a greater degree of cleansing by some of the products available in the online store that are mentioned in the above links.


I hope this offers a bit of clarity. Take good care.


Take good care,



Doctors may have also seen ? that I have been exposed to heavy metals and pesticides and besides the wealth of informatiion above, would you (read information on heavy metal and right timing to proceed) have any suggestion as to when I could step toward removal of the pesticide/s and heavy metal/s and what tests and where to take to determine how active it is now?

Much thanks


Hi Verona,


Several years back we had a number of people exploring metal detox options and we opened a section of the forum to the discussion.


See this forum section about heavy metal detox and dental care.


I am not an expert nor able to provide personalized advice on such decisions but some of the above info might be useful to you. It's not been added to or edited for several years. I'm not sure what's there though I'll be working with it in the near future as we reorganize sections of our site.


Candida and metal toxicity are affected by each other and there is valid debate on both sides about which to address first. The dietary approach here is beneficial for either process. The concern about doing both at once is related to considerable die off symptoms that can be triggered by both. Some people treat candida and then the metals are never an issue for them again. Some people go all out to change their dental fillings and do candida and general detox and are great. Some find they need to address the metals to sustainably restore their natural gut ecology and immune function. Everyone is different though you'll find most ND's and herbalists hold an opinion one way or another.


That's about as much as I can say in an attempt to be helpful Verona.







Hi Verona,


Is your question related to the toxicity thread or are you trying to purchase the new food list?


We're finding this is a new process for some people to download a file into a specific location on their computers. If it's the food lists you're talking about, can you post a new thread telling us what is happening for you?







Hi Tarilee


downloaded successfully the new list.


Regarding toxic, really wish help with that because noticed am in brain fog and told it is now allergies.  But I know I have candida that is not easy to eliminate at this phase as I am not using the bentonite and psyllium first thing in morning because thyroid medication is taken then.  And, I forget to take bentonite and psyllium during day. 


Maybe you can help with this fog I am in and the organs not easily eliminating and so much more brain fog than usual and how will I ever get rid of the toxins of candida and also heavy metals and pesticides?



Hi Verona,

Glad you got the new document. Thanks for letting me know.


There are many possible reasons for brain fog, one of which, as you know, is candida. Other contributing or causative factors can include one or more of the following:


parasites, food allergies, wireless communications equipment (cordless phones, wifi, cell towers, cellphones), mold allergies, construction materials off gassing, heavy metals in the body, nutritional issues (low blood sugar swings, B12 deficiency, low iron, low protein).


For heavy metals, I can't advise but I would suggest you read about high quality modified citrus pectin (find out the differences between molecular size and degree of esterification - look for 3 as a molecular size and esterification below 10%)


It is challenging to sort out how many of these problems could be at play.


For thyroid medicine, I know a doctor who recommends putting your pill by your bedside and taking it if you get up early in the morning to use the bathroom. Then you may more easily find the one hour between taking it and taking your purge. Some people find other times to take the purge, like mid morning or mid afternoon or bedtime.


Hope this helps you Verona. Take good care.




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