To help you steer away from Genetically Modified Ingredients

Avoid GMO's in your food

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Read Labels to avoid the following most common GMO ingredients:

Canola oil, soy oil, lecithin (soy), cottonseed oil, soy flour, white vinegar (almost always from corn), corn starch, baking powder, popcorn, corn products of any other kind, icing sugar, white and brown sugar (if not from sugar cane), tofu, soybean products, soy milk, texturized vegetable protein, soy sauce, fish sauce...

Avoid GMO's in Animal Products:

Also be aware of the meet, egg and cheese/milk sources of GMO's as well and eat only:

Beef products from 100% pasture raised cows, (grass only for cows - no alfalfa) could be fed gmo feed.

Chicken meat and eggs from from pasture raised animals that are fed organic foods, scrap veggies and foraged insects.

Goat or sheep dairy that is from pasture grazed, organically fed animals.

Note: Many North American goats are raised indoors with conventional and thus GMO foods and hormones and antibiotics.

See this link for a more complete list of the sources of hidden GMO ingredients

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