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I just started the diet and am looking forward to feeling a WHOLE lot better. In addition to my vaginal/bladder symptoms, I now have hemorrhoids. Today, I feel so defeated, my hormones are raging because I'm a week away from my period and I honestly want to cry. Any suggestions on some relief? I bought over the counter items but wondering about a holistic approach? Thanks so much. It's nice to have a safe place to ask questions and know others are in the same boat.
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Hi Mary and welcome to the forum!! Big Grin

Tarilee, our moderator, will be back on Friday to post the welcome links and offer you a response of her own--for now there's just us! wave1

I'm sorry to hear about your issues--I have no direct experience with hemorrhoids, but the pms in conjunction with a UTI and vaginal problems is very familiar to me. I'm sorry I don't have any advice regarding the other though--maybe someone else will chime in about that and say what's worked for them. i imagine it's the last thing you need in addition to an already uncomfortable situation down below...

I will say from my own experience this program and protocol worked wonders for my bladder/vaginal yeast issues, along with other long standing health issues I had. As I healed, and learned how to incorporate healthy foods into my diet I truly did feel better and better--only it didn't happen over night and I certainly had my share of frustrations...

Just try to do things one at a time so as not to get overwhelmed...If your bladder issues persist you may want to try d-mannose powder--the stuff is golden...and please let us know how you're getting on ok?

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Hi Mary,

I'm sorry to hear of your frustration and, as Ashley shared, many people here can related to your feeling of going "two steps forward and one step back."

Anal fissures and hemorrhoids can sometimes be caused by food intolerance's. Before throwing up your arms in despair, maybe you can do some detective work with elimination, provocation diets. Taking two or three weeks off a suspect food would hopefully be enough to show improvement in your symptoms.

As for holistic treatment, yes there are natural ways to support healing though I'm not an expert. The only thing I know of is sitz baths in epsom salts. There is much more you can do however and some research in this area will likely be fruitful.

Take good care and try not to despair. This does not have to be permanent. Just because people you might know may have lived with them for years, you can clear them. Avoiding constipation, inflammatory foods and food allergens can go a long way towards keeping them away.


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