The purpose of the forum


The Purpose of the Whole Approach Forum:

Inspired by Linda's healing experience with the Attogram Phase I products and her heartfelt desire to help others to heal this forum was created to help people overcome CRC. In addition to answering questions that come up for folks as they complete the Whole Approach product and food therapy program it's my job to direct the content of our site towards that which will be most helpful to the most of our members.Thanks for taking the time to consider the following outline of the purpose and thanks for continuing to share your knowledge and experiences with this in mind.

The Whole Approach website and forum are here to help members who are using the Whole Approach program using the Attogram Lahoz protocol stay the course of their lifestyle improvements and healing. The discussion space and professional nutritional support is to help those who choose this treatment route - to 'light the way' on the sometimes murky path towards success with this life transforming product and food protocol.

We seek to create a consistency of approach that is also customizable. Your healing road has many twists and turns, so we do all we can to avoid confusion. The common structuring of your program schedules is part of the consistency tand from within this continuity we can discuss where each of you are at. This results in like-minded folks working individually and yet together towards the common goal of self healing. Here you can find emotional support and validation, and a place to learn more about and share ideas about health, healing and change.

We pool the creativity of a large group of people all using the same program but used in a customized way. As a result, both our members and our moderators become intimately familiar with some of the more common variables experienced within this program and can effectively provide support to those travelling the path. We encourage you to follow the program schedule and product selections  as they are suited to you, for the following reasons.

1 - The carefully laid out phases help to provide order to, and confidence in, your program. A proven program and schedule is much more reliable than a blind trial and error with a wide variety of products on the market on a random schedule.

2 - Our moderators use the product phases and stages to be able to help you better as over the years we receive volumes of feedback that we incorporate into our recommendations and we become familiar with the quality products selected and how people respond to them. We also recognize the challenging spots along the way when adjusting to the food therapy.

3 – The timing of the phases is important because of the ability of the yeast to adapt to anti-fungals if they are used too long.

Thank you to all of you for your thoughtful contributions to what we hope will continue to be a place for sharing, healing and learning for a long time to come.

Wishing you richness, peace and ease on your road to wellness

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