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I just surpassed one year of healing my body this January. It has been quite a journey; and one I am not near completing, although the journey never ends, there will be destinations along the way I can point to that indicate milestones.


But I wanted to say thank you to Tarilee, this board and others who have helped me get to this point in my life. While I may not have been 100% on the organic "train" from the start, or a few other things, I have come aboard now. I eat only 100% organic vegetables, all non-gmo, get my meats, eggs and dairy from a co-op which raise and prepare only cage-free, anti-biotic/hormone free livestock, and do not heat pasteurize their eggs or dairy. I have learned methods for soaking and sprouting; for which I understand the reasons why. I have come to learn good methods of food intake and balance. This is only a beginning. I still have so much farther to go.


I am so much better/healthier now and my nutritionist is so wonderful. She had put me on a very-specific, unique-to-me diet and supplement program and has given me so much great information. These last 2-3 months of being under her guidance has helped my body continue to eliminate toxins. We now believe that after still suffering from one ailment (sort of a by-product of toxin elimination) and the program I'm on, that I have heavy metals toxicity, especially in my liver. She believes from my description of my symptoms that I have a large amount of mercury and aluminum stored up in my liver. But her prediction is that within a year I should be at a point where most of my body should be detoxed of the metals if I continue to follow her plan.


But in any case, I have been away from these boards for a while simply because I have been following her recommendations specifically, and as a matter of lack of time too, but will be perusing again for info on the subject, but again a thank you to the wonderful people here who put so much time into such a wonderful web project and the great people who post here.



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Our dear Joe,   How wonderful to hear of your wonderful arrival and your continued journey. I'm thrilled to hear of your amazing diet transformation and cheer you on and commend you. You are changing your/our world and your children's future. Thank you for caring so much and for working so hard to embrace change! You're awesome!!!   Tarilee

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