Tarilee's Favourite Products from the Whole Approach Store

I thought I'd post about some of my favourite products. If you've not browsed the Whole Approach store you may be missing some amazing and complementary products to support your recovery.

The Smooth Operator is a tremendous intestinal anti-inflammatory product. For me it incrased my ability to tolerate foods that normally I cannot, increased by about 5 fold so I love to have it with me when I eat away from home.

Though I don't recommend using it in order to ignore food allergies and 'eat them anyway', it's an excellent way to reduce intestinal inflammation and future food allergies while healing current ones.

The Querceten & Bromelain. is also anti-inflammatory activity. It can increase energy, and quercetin is known to reduce platelet aggregation.

The Moonmaid Rose Cream is wonderful. I LOVE it's lightly fragrant (natural rose scent) with it's smooth, skin balancing, moisturizing power. It's lovely and it's Linda's favourite.

The vitamin D drops  function a lot like a hormone. I find it increases mental and physical energy . 

Hepafem is a gentle but very effective liver product from one of our favourite suppliers, Vitanica. This blend is fantastic, either for a liver cleanse or to help ease hormonal issues related to PMS or peri-menopause. It's also protective and cleansing for those of you who might be exposed to toxins that the liver needs to process.  Hepafem

Colon Motility capsules provide gentle relief from slow elimination. It can be used for up to a month and is great for those who are adjusting to increased fibre intake and also for those who experience constipation as a die off symptom. 

 Deep Immune Capsules might just be at the top of my favourites list. Their support is palpable and if I could keep up with it, I'd use them regularly all year round. I end up trialing other products and forget about these but when I'm off them, I really notice an increase in my susceptibility to viruses.

Recently, when I injured my knee tripping when my kitten got underfoot, I put Restoraction Cream to the test. I found it wonderful for quick pain relief. It works a lot like Traumese for sprains and strains and varicose veins and maybe even better.

 Zinc Chamomile cream is VERY NICE. This is the only zinc cream I've ever used that has just the right amount of since so it does not cake up or form a very thick coating on the skin. It smells great and feels even better!  

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