Tari-Lee on the Mercury Detoxification Issue & Selecting a Biological Dentist

Hello everyone,

You’ve likely read the post by Linda that announced that Linda and I will be putting together a mercury thread composed of a compilation of all of the information posted on our site on this topic. Mercury Information and Biological Dentistry This is an important subject and addressing heavy metals and amalgam removal process is a process that I encourage when you are at the right stage of your healing. For some, when illness is at its worst, removal of the amalgams is very risky. For others, when it is done in the right way, it may be helpful. However, detoxification of the mercury from the tissues can be an intense process and the timing of this needs exceptionally careful planning. I encourage you to research related issues thoroughly and to seek consult from multiple appropriately specialized professionals before making any decision related to mercury cleansing or amalgam removal.

Metal detox and or the removal of amalgam fillings is NOT something that I would address as the initial treatment for everyone who comes to our forum with symptoms related to degenerative health conditions and candida overgrowth. Our bodies can only tolerate healing one step at a time. It may be necessary for you to do some strengthening before your body is ready to tolerate potential of extra mercury exposure during removal. The removal process is distinct from the heavey metal detoxification programs that have been discussed on this forum in the past (i.e. intravenous and oral chelation, EDTA, DMSA, DMPS etc)

This forum is just moderated twice a week currently and it’s focus is intended to be on other crucial aspects of healing. It is not possible for us to properly host a discussion on the sensitive and gigantic issue of mercury toxicity and removal. There are many topics that I wish we had the resources to cover via separate forum sections or devoted thread but we don't have the budget to cover the online resources.

The subject of heavy metals and mercury are very involved. A discussion of the problems with mercury and metal toxicity naturally progresses into a discussion of solutions to these problems. These discussions, if not properly moderated can become problems in themselves. Improper handling of mercury issues in particular can be dangerous. I am not qualified to host this discussion, nor is Linda and I caution folks not to address these problems on their own or take treatment advice from online discussions on this topic. We're providing this forum thread so that you can inform each other about what you are experimenting with and learning and so that you can connect with one another so that you can email each other to discuss available information resources. It's important that Whole Approach is not percieved as providing counselling about this topic.

I will expand on my theory behind encouraging folks to strengthen in preparation for mercury detoxification (and, in some cases, for mercury amalgam removal.) I'll emphasize Whole Approach's 'wholistic' strategies and their crucial role in healing. I will then raise a few important considerations in regards to the metal detoxification issue.

Depending on the degree of illness, restoring health can be an intricate puzzle. The problems, like candida overgrowth and all the worsening of immune, toxicity, elimination, digestion and nervous system problems related to these issues make it potentially very difficult for our bodies to cope with metal removal without achieving stability from these issues first.

Detoxification and candida reduction are hugely important elements of healing. Other important elements include learning to tune into our selves and our needs and transforming our lifestyle choices into those that are more natural. We need to learn to create environments (inside and outside ourselves) that are sensitive to supporting LIFE and health.

Two hugely significant steps towards achieving lasting health are learning to use food as therapy and to honour our temporary or permanent intolerances of certain foods. This takes much effort and the process requires time. As we learn to live in harmony with our bodies we learn to listen to the signals that our body communicates to us. These signals are crucial to helping us move at a safe and healthy pace through a process like mercury detoxification according to what our bodies can successfully eliminate. Most of you have read about some strategies for handling this process both in our Die Off article and on our regular moderator postings. Anti-fungal treatment, restoration of healthy intestinal ecology, food therapy, the expansion of self-awareness and self-caring attitudes and the gentle detoxification methods for general detoxification and candida myco-toxins elimination are the main focus of the Whole Approach program.

As I acknowledged above, there are other aspects of healing that we will want to learn about and address at varying stages. Some of them we can address during our candida program and some of them are better timed after an initial recovery period. We cannot change everything that has contributed to making us ill and of those things that we can change, we certainly cannot address them all at once. Successful, sustainable healing is approached in progressive stages. You will have to decide whether removing mercury amalgams at this time will strengthen you or weaken you. This is not an easy decision and, in addition to being something that your body knows the answer to, the answer may also be closely related to the skill and carefulness of your dental practioner.

I encourage you to start your health enhancement path with diet change and gentle detoxification including colon cleansing. As you settle into the benefits gained from the above, you will be able to assess what you need to tackle next. In many cases, it will be candida cleansing.

When to start the candida cleansing will depend on how ill you are and how much change and cleansing you can healthfully undertake at once. Detoxification of candida is challenging to the elimination systems and immune system and needs to be addressed with care and whole body support. Once a cleaner, stronger system has been established, you may want to move towards the cleansing of parasites if necessary. This represents a large challenge for many folks. You may also want to prepare to do the amalgam removal as soon as your mind and body are ready. Electro dermal testing and consultation with a specialized health practioner about your individual health picture, can help you determine what priority to put first along your healing path.

It is the opinion of many environmental health specialists that metal cleansing must not be attempted during acute illness or existing toxicity issues of other types. In particular, it is dangerous to undertake mercury cleansing in the presence of high levels of candida-myco-toxins or parasites and/or liver/kidney congestion or toxicity. It is also not wise to undertake metal detoxification when emotional health issues are already straining the nervous system.

Once a healthy, stable state has been achieved, although you’ve accomplished much detoxification, you may well still have stored metals. If you have heavy metal toxicity related to leaching from fillings, you may wish to at this stage, carefully consider and investigate methods of safely removing the metal in your mouth. This must be done with extreme care and you will find my advice regarding what process to demand when we organize the dental posts for you. You can also look under the FAQ’s on natural dentistry.

Eventually, after you have completed a carefully planned, patient, removal process, the residual metal in your tissues can be gently addressed if you feel well enough to take it on. Overall stable physical and emotional health, generous financial resources and excellent practioners support are all important if you are to actively begin mobilizing mercury from your tissues. With careful preparation you can be sure you are doing all you can to keep the process safe, and, so that if you run into difficulty in the midst of it, you can seek help. The approach to removal must be very, very gentle, customized to each person’s sensitivities AND timed correctly in again, a customized sequence with other health strengthening strategies.

Just as die off from candida can be undertaken too aggressively and can cause extreme discomfort, metal detoxification gone wrong can create terrible health crises. Some side effects of an over zealous metal elimination treatment can be permanent. Even in the best case scenario, this is a stressful process and you must be strong enough to tolerate it. If your eliminative organs are not clean and toned and supported at this time or if too much mercury is released due to aggressive cleansing methods, the mercury than your body cannot instantly eliminate will more than likely end up in your brain causing extreme nervous system symptoms and even psychosis or permanent brain damage.

With the use of some of the more aggressive chelation methods there is very little warning before you advance into a full on, brain toxicity situation and so you must have great confidence that you are addressing the matter with sufficient gentleness to suit your bodies ability to flush the toxins out.

The approach to removal must be very, very gentle, customized to each person’s sensitivities AND timed within a sequence of other health strengthening strategies appropriate to each individuals needs. I recommend you enlist the help of a highly qualified and sensitive practioners who uses both clinical urine analysis and electro dermal testing strategies to assess your levels of mercury and the specific products that will best help your body to cope with the mercury.

If you find a practioner who is recommending that everyone tackle a metal detoxification program as soon as they begin treating them, then I would steer clear of them. Whether or not everyone may have high levels of metal in their system is not my issue with this, as I believe manyt of us do. The debatable points are how and in what order the cleansing and healing needs should be met. If you can find someone who has had personal healing experience after some kind of immune or environmental illness related to metal problems, they are more likely to respect the need for sensitivity in the process than someone who has a purely clinical perspective.

Because there are choices that folks could be discussing here that may include strategies that could be potentially dangerous (e.g. some types of chelation, like DMPS intravenously to name one,) I am concerned about the length and breadth of the discussion here and the absence of professional moderation as it expands.

I would like to see those of you who feel the need to know more at this stage of your healing to be able to continue your discussion of this topic on a forum that is moderated by a trained professional who is extremely careful and balanced in their advice while being tremendously cautious about leading people they do not know onto a treatment path.

Some of our members have stabilized after doing a great deal of cleansing, lifestyle improvement and immune building and now that they have established strong health that they can sustain, they are able to move forward towards resolving some of the long standing antagonists to their health (i.e. mercury and metal issues.) Many more of our members are just beginning their health journey and may well NOT be at a stage in which this type of exploration is suitable. Please use very, very careful judgment here as to where you are at in the health continuum and do not prematurely abandon your cleansing, immune building and lifestyle improvements in favour of a poorly timed mercury or heavy metal program.

In addition to impatience around getting well and the desire to eliminate toxic substances from our body, I fully understand the frustration and indignation that the metal toxicity issues raise. These are very valid feelings and it’s an atrocity that the contributing practices have gone on for so long. There are many causes that contribute to heavy metal toxicity in addition to mercury-containing fillings but this is surely one of the worst and most upsetting of them.

There are also many other situations in our modern world that involve seemingly blatantly irresponsibility around issues pertaining to our health. All of these could be seen as conspiracies and, in many cases, likely are. There is certainly much that we could get angry about. Many generations of health have been sacrificed for the sake of greed and it will take several more to correct some of these problems. I encourage you to speak up and to make proactive choices in your lives through courage more than anger. Large scale improvements in our public health policies will have to result. Our voices need to be heard and they need to be clear and calm. Class action suites may be a possibility to help recoup some of the losses that so many of us have paid out. Even for those who are working towards building these suits, it’s crucial to let go of the anger and work towards healing oneself first and then helping to resolve the problem on behalf of others.

I myself worked on my health intensively for over eight years using all organic foods, nutritional balancing, colon cleansing, yeast detoxification, general detoxification methods, herbs, vitamins, minerals, body work, emotional healing, hormone balancing, exercise, self regulation strategies (i.e. meditation) and more before I felt ready to take on the challenges of metal detoxification. I had my amalgams removed before I started the metal cleanse. I still encountered some problems in the process but am very grateful that I had the good advice to hold off on it until I was at a strong stage. I do not consider any of the years of focus on my health wasted.

Like some of you I was recovering from LONG term ill health, in my case- life long (twenty three years)as well as reversing many years of the effects and habits of poor nutrition and poor self care. With the right guidance and self education and depending upon your current state of health, it will most likely not take most of you this length of time to stabilize your health enough to consider a metal elimination program but please time it carefully.

Thank you for your understanding and support as we steer the focus of this forum towards it’s intended purpose. This post will is closed to new posts.

Walking with you on your path to health,


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This is a repost of information about selecting an appropriate dentist for amalgam removal.

Hi guys,

I just have a few more comments about seeking out an appropriate dentist.

Most dentists can work with the white fillings although some more holistic dentists may have you go for electro-dermal screening to determine which filling material is most compatible with your body. The main reason to seek out a 'natural' dentist is related to amalgam removal. If you are sensitive, it is important to have mercury fillings removed with a dental dam and an oxygen mask.

They should also be removed in the order relating to their level of electrical charge to reduce the impact of their removal on your whole body’s balance. Each tooth sits atop a meridian and each metal filling holds a charge. When the meridian is accustomed to that charge being there and it is suddenly removed, it can wreak havoc on your overall energetic balance.

Experienced dentists will take a reading each time you go back to have another filling removed because the charge of all of the existing fillings changes when you remove one. It is also advisable to remove the filling gradually, one or two at a time allowing the body time to adjust to the electrical changes and to any mercury detox required as a result of blood contamination during removal.

When you remove fillings you then need to address the issue of what to replace them with. I feel most comfortable with the use of Electro-Dermal screening of all possible dental materials to determine bio-compatibility with your unique chemistry. Some holistic dentists will refer you to an alternative health allergy awareness clinic for testing.

As you have no doubt read by now, I recommend extreme caution as you decide when and how to address mercury detoxification. This is much more complex than the issue of who to hire to and how to remove and replace the fillings.

I wish you good luck as you research your dentistry options and hope that you find yourself in wonderfully capable hands.

Take good care,

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