*Sweet Muffins--revised/improved

These are my favorite muffins! Even people not on the diet like them. I make them with 3/4 c of almond flour and 3/4 cup ground flax to make them without limits.

Pathwaytohealth- I bake them at 375 and they come out fine. They probably work fine either way, just watch them. 1/4 cup of flour is 1 limit, so if you are using 1/4 c in the whole recipe, you could eat all of them if you wanted and it would be 1 limit. If you ate half of them, it would be 1/2 limit and so on. Or, you can make them as I do above and not even count them as a limit.
these really are sweet! I made them tonight so that my son could take one to his school party tomorrow- of course I had to try them! so there is a lot of vegetable glycerine: anyone know how much V.G. equals a limit?
it's a great recipe that seems very versitile: I look forward to playing around with it and experimenting with different flavors!
thanks sarah- I think I'll use less sweetener next time- they are all so different, you really dont know until you try.
I finally got smart and printed out recipes to make a recipe book so that I can make notes on them for future reference. My book has become quite full and it makes me happy to see all the recipes I *can* have!
I altered the recipe with happy results.
I added a cup of canned pumpkin to add some sweetness and dropped the stevia down to 1/2 a teaspoon as I find it's bitterness unpleasant. I also added a teaspoon chicory root powder- "Just Like Sugar" and skipped the glycerin since I did not have any.
I used Bob's Red Mill gluten free baking mix instead of amaranth flour.
They are great muffins and can take quite a bit of adaptation. Mary Barnett
Hi Mary,

Welcome to the forum!!

Thanks for posting these ideas. I happen to have some pumpkin just waiting for an easy recipe. And I have some gluten free baking mix, too, just waiting to be used.

I'm going to give this a try! This is one of my favorite recipes.

Today was my son's birthday party and I had intended to make 'tia's chocolate cake' cupcakes but messed up and ran out of sunflower seeds. I made this recipe instead and added some cocoa (since we had chocolate cupcakes for the guests and wanted my son to have the 'same'). I frosted them with chocolate mousse. I think I liked them even better than the chocolate cake recipe (though it is an awesome recipe)- very moist and easy to make.
I just made these yesterday. They didn't taste that great right out of the oven, but after sitting for awhile, with some butter on top, they were addicting! I think I only used 1/2 T of pure stevia and the lesser amount of glycerin. I also used kefir instead of the coconut, bcz I didn't want to open a can for that little bit. I may try it though, and double the recipe. Also used guar gum. Everyone liked them, except the picky DD hasn't tried them yet.
Okay, I have made these twice in the past week because my children and my husband (AMAZINGLY) LOVED them!! I am just learning how to bake on this diet and this recipe is the only one so far that has turned out not only good....but DELICIOUS! I baked them as mini-muffins and put a couple in my daughters lunch each day.
Thanks so much for the recipe! Smile

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