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Sustainable Safe Seafood Recommendations 

It's easy to feel overwhelmed with information about unhealthy or unethical, destructive fishing methods. Here are some valuable tools to help guide us on our quest for fish we can feel good about eating.

The best choices information about safe, ecological seafood choices change depending on the conditions in your area as well as climate, political and industry changes. Please check the following online sources regularly.


The Least you Need to Know- Key Resources for Fish Eaters

Seafood Watch Regional Sustainable Fish Guide - Downloadable guides regionally appropriate to the area you are eating/shopping in

Greenpeace Red List Seafood Guide - Seafood that should not be eaten, either for health or sustainability reasons 

Greenpeace Mercury Content Fish Chart - A comprehensive list I think is great for everyone thought it's intended, "for women of child bearing age and children".


More Detailed Information - Educational Resources

Blue Ocean Seafood List (how and where each fish is caught- listed with green coded fish first)

Green Peace Tuna Ranking - Tunafish brands ranked according to sustainability  

Safina Mercury Resources- A series of articles and resources about mercury in our seafood

Safina Center Blog about problematic fishing gear - Educational info about different types of traps

Safina Seafood FAQs'- A very interesting read including such facts as,  "For each pound of shrimp caught, 4 to 10 pounds of unwanted marine life–bycatch–are caught; most of which are discarded and die" (including sea turtles). 


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