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I am just a few weeks into a diagnosis of Thrush and found my way here after googling "Sugar Snap Peas".  In the package of sugar snap peas that I enjoy (and thought was safe), one serving of 85g, there are 3 g of sugars.  I only found one other post about sugar snap peas, which I found to be inconclusive.  Is it just the glycemic index that is taken into consideration?  Or are there other factors which make sugar snap peas safe or unsafe? 

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What a wonderful food! I wouldn't overdue it on shelled peas or frozen/canned peas due to the starch but if you're eating the pods or the pods and the peas, I would think you'd get full before you'd eat so many it matters for candida. If you can get fresh sugar snap pea pods (especially if they are organic), I'd say go ahead and eat all you can!


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