Success Stories on the Whole Approach Program

Success Stories and Appreciations from our Members

Hello everyone

This is our treasured collection of success stories. Every once in a while one of our members will post such a heartfelt story of change, we want to share it with all of you, especially those of you just beginning on your healing path.

Over the earlier years of this forum, people came here with their whole selves, all their courage and lots of love for their fellow travellers on this path. It was amazing how much love and healing spread via this internet based forum. The forum is still here to here to help you along your way. 

I hope these stories help inspire you to find your healthiest you.

Please share your questions and stories and we'll help you out in every way we can.

With love,




Hi Whole Approach,

 I was so sick and the Drs did not know what was wrong.  I started to figure it myself when I got a yeast infection which I never got.

And then one day I was searching everywhere on the internet when I found a blog talking about how Whole Approach had helped this woman get well.

I called immediately and started doing their products and protocol and finally started feeling better.  I was totally disabled and sick from Candida.  Really sick.

I feel like WA saved my life.  I think the word for me is TRUST.  I completely trust WA and I know how much work and research they put into finding each product.




I just wanted to give my personal recommendation of the supplement Smooth Operator for anyone who has suffered from leaky gut or IBS.  I have tried a number of products over the years and this one is really making a difference in my symptoms.  I have less pain, bloating, indigestion, gas, and cramping.  I am anxious to feel the long term effects as my intestines heal.  Well worth the money!




Smooth Operator-I second that motion or is it third that motion.  That product really helped my leaky gut also.  I found that when the leaky gut got healed, I did better.  I did a lot better.  I could eat more, put weight on, feel stronger and of course, not feel so sick.

In fact, every product sold here on WA has contributed to my doing better and my well being.

All of Dr. Ron's products are excellent.  The Ultra Pure Vitamin C is the best I have tried.  That product saved me from many a bad reaction several times.

Thanks Whole Approach.

Jenny Lea


You can easily get overwhelmed at first, but you can know for sure you have excellent support here as you can see from the above postings.  Tarilee is the most knowledgeable teacher I have encountered regarding Candida. Consider yourself lucky to have her help.  That is the way I feel about it. Plus you have all the other members who understand what you are going through.

I think you will find if you just do what is in front of you for that day that a lot of these issues will resolve themselves as you go.

Like any journey you take, the more you learn and experience the higher your level of consciousness becomes.  For example, you are worried about whether you can ever have sugar, caffeine or the products you like now again, but as you follow this road to healthier choices, the need for these products drops away.

I think we all grow up addicted to sugar.  I was in a regular grocery store this morning because they had my water on sale and the Valentine's candy was everywhere.  I thought this is horrible.  I don't see candy , I see illness and obesity.




 I was addicted to sugar, but I have not had any for almost a year, or chocolate either.  When I see sweets now all I see is illness, fatigue and a stomach ache.  My body desires vegetables and gluten free grains now.  Hang in there...we all know the pain of change.




I had some symptoms for over 20 years as well.  Most of which went away by Phase III of the anit-fungals.  You should rate your symptoms as listed on the questionnaire even if you believe they may not be related to CRC.  Because you do not know which ones are and which ones are not so you might as well have them on there from the get go to have an accurate score to gauge from.  I had allergic rhinitis for over 23 years and stomach issues for over 25 years that went away after a year, while into Phase IV.  As far as the diet stages, I waited until I was comfortable with Phase II protocol and I did not start Phase I protocol until 10 weeks after being on Stage I diet.  So I was on stage I diet for about... 24 weeks, maybe a little more?  I did not want to start a new stage of diet at the same time beginning a new phase protocol because if I was having a reaction, I would not know what from, the food or protocol.  Timing is also important here. 



About 5 months after staring the Whole Approach diet and protocol, My periods came back. And I do not even know I have it. No pain, no fatigue, no headaches... it's ... NORMAL?  I guess that's accurate to say, normal. 

Keep on the healing path.





I've suffered so for too many years. I want a "normal" life again, to be the strong woman I was before. THAT is what makes me only "look/glance" at what others are having & stay on track. Best thing, it's working, slowly but steady. I'm not even tempted to put anything "avoid" in my mouth.

As Tarilee has told others, "your case might not be quite as severe as WB's."  Yes, Sparky, I was on my deathbed earlier this year but I danced for an hour this morning and worked out on my Total Gym for 30 minutes....Life is Good and I owe it all to the Whole Approach protocal.



 The benefits you will reap in the future will be unbelievable and the knowledge you will be able to share to help others are so very rewarding.  At least it has been in my experience.




I am nearly 5 months into candida cleanse protocol and am a zillion times better than i have been in nearly 9 years! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!

Mountain Mama



Extreme hunger gone!

 Every night i would get really hungry late at night but now it does not happen!.I would of course eat sweets..Another thing that has changed is i get to sleep now by 12:30 am instead of 2 and 3 am,sometimes even 4 or 5am.Its been nice getting up early..The sugar really had me messed up i guess.My moods are better to.Love this and all the more reason to never eat it again..Its poison.




I've been following a version of the candida diet for over 3 years now (I'm back on certain foods but still no refined sugars, tropical fruits, mushrooms, alcohol, yeasts, and a few others). 

I just wanted to pop in to say how much I appreciate your site and your knowledge. Your site has been a resource from the beginning for me, and whenever I have a question about whether or not something would be "okay" (even at this stage), I consult your expertise. You've never steered me wrong!

Thanks so much for maintaining the site and for all you do for people with candida. It's a life saver!

(Ms) Ricki Heller



Just want to encourage you. It does get better. For me it was something like this -- I felt poorly every day, then, there would be poor days and one good day, then, poor days and a few good days, then every other day or so a good day, then mostly good days and then just about every single day is a pretty good day -- these days.  





In the last three days, I've had more energy than I've had in A YEAR!!! It's unreal.

I went to a lecture and the post-event reception on Monday. I WAS OUT UNTIL MIDNIGHT!!!!! It was amazing. Yesterday I rested and then attended another lecture/reception and I was OKAY!!! I was cheerful! I could have conversations with people! I could smile and laugh and not feel like I was going to tip over! I didn't burst into fatigue-tears!

Today I rested and worked from home and then I JUST DID 20 MINUTES OF LIGHT YOGA in my den!!!

This is HUGE. The last time I tried to do yoga, about 8 weeks ago, I was so sick and nauseous after about 8 minutes, I had to spend the rest of the day in bed. 

The protocol is working! The protocol is working! The protocol is working! And I've only been on it about 6 weeks! 

Thank you all for this amazing forum and website. I'd be lost without it!

I'm so excited. I have no idea how I'm going to fall asleep tonight. I'm nearly crying with joy. After a wretched year spent on a couch, trapped in my home, I can't tell you what a gift this is.

I'm so thankful.



So, here's an update.. into the program and WOW do I notice a difference. I'm excited what more is to come. 

The first couple days I had a headache, but nothing incapacitating. More annoying than anything. But my energy level has increased. I can actually wake up in the morning. 

For the past several months with having a candida problem I had a constant sore throat. Especially in the morning, but now that is gone. I also had a constant feeling of... Having the flu or something. That's gone. My skin sensitivities to chemicals are almost gone. I finally sleep through the night. 
And normally since this candida problem I would have a bowel movement MAYBE once every four days. Now I have them daily or bi-daily without any assistance from poop-inducing herbs. Haha. 

It does taste funny. But not nearly as strong as I was expecting. It tastes like city water. If you follow the regimen correctly and carefully as it is dangerous.. I can attest to its success. And I've only just begun. I know the overgrowth is still there but it isn't ruining my life anymore. Geez I'm only 23!





 My vaginal yeast infection went away about half way through the Phase I antifungals, but I was also on Stage I diet for 10 weeks before starting the Phase I protocol. Chronic neck pain, shoulder and upper back pain, yes!! I had all of those for about 8 years, with an increase in intensity the last 2 years.  And that was with numerous trips to the chiropractor for adjustments.  My muscle pain started to decrease after being on the new diet for about 10 weeks. Not gone completely, but started to feel relief from it.  I would say maybe by Phase II, the GSE phase, I realized my muscle pain was mostly gone.  

That was also after aromatherapy messages. That will help clean the toxins out of your muscles.  It was after completion of my acupuncture and first aromatherapy message... I think?  That I suddenly felt like someone pulled my shoulders upright and I found myself standing up straight.  I had a severe slouch for years.  Not anymore! I hardly ever go in for back adjustments now. My muscle are strong enough to hold my back bone in it's place.  

The muscle pain is the toxin being released.  You can actually research that as well.  The toxin is called ...."Yeasts in the body produce a by-product called acetaldehyde, a toxic substance resulting in several health consequences."  quote from Nutrition 2000 web site.  You can enter that word and do a search.  Detox teas are great, your naturopathic can also help with detoxing muscles, and aromatherapy messages will certainly help, of course as you keep killing off more candida than you feed!!!  




I went to my ND today and she is suggesting I use bentonite every other week or one week per month and do it until I am feeling better (as well as following a CRC diet).   She said the missing link for most of her CRC patients was bentonite.  None of her patients got better without using it.  

From her experience you need the diet and the purge drink for as long as it takes you to recover and she told me her patients were all able to add foods back eventually (even fruit) but none were ever able to eat wheat again.   That is not a concern for me as I have celiac and will never eat it again anyway. 

 Just thought you all might like to know what my ND had to say.   She is basically telling me to follow the program on this website as it is clinically proven to work. 

So for anyone who is feeling discouraged,  just keep on doing this !!




This is where it all started for me, so I figured I would come back and let others know that if they keep it up, they can one day enjoy the benefits of the hard work they put into getting healthy. 

It's been just over a year and a half now and I feel awesome. I just retook the questionnaire and scored a 19. Essentially all of my issues are gone, and I think I got a 19 because of the last two questions about anti-biotics and steriods questions having such a long 5 and 10 year prior history.

Otherwise, my asthma and allergies are gone, my digestive problems are gone, my headaches are gone, I haven't been sick in well over a year. My immune system is improving daily, and my ITP (platelet count) is rising. I sleep better, have more energy, can concentrate at a 9.8/10 level, I remember things so much better... It's amazing what sticking to it will do. Granted, I've strayed a few times, and guess what, I'm totally  okay with it. 99% of my diet is healthy and right, and it is my lifestyle now, so I feel I am at a place where I can do that. In fact, I still love dark chocolate, so I eat it once or twice a week... (delicious!).

So anyone who is going through their initial struggles, asking why me, or if it is going to work, know that it can be done, that you can do it, and that site can help. Give your body a chance and it will love you for it!

To everyone out there... take care and love this new journey you are on, it will be worth it in the end.




The WholeApproach anti fungal program is a tried and true method, and you know that you are getting safe antifungals.  As for die off, do what the others advised, and start with a small dose.  I started with the maximum dose, and that was not the best idea.  Here is a summary of how I feel the best way to begin incorporating all this advice and information.

     1) Start with the diet, and only the diet, and adjust to that.  I stayed on the diet for several weeks before I ordered the antifungals.  Other than at times some intesnse carb withdrawals, I began to feel better by just being on the diet.  (Come to the forums when you have food withdrawal/craving symptoms - there is some great info here.)

    2) While you are on the diet, come to the forums a few times a week (or more  and just get familiar with the topics, get some yummy recipe ideas etc.

   3) AFter a few weeks, begin the antifungal, and start the rotation as recommended.  I have been on Phase 1 antifungal (caproyl) for almost 3 months now, and I still am not up to a full dose.  I take a teaspoon a day, along with the bentonite and psyllium.  Follow the instructions in the package, it recommends you take it on an empty stomach, and don't eat for an hour or two after. etc.

    4) Write down in a journal daily how you are feeling and what you are eating.  I have found this to be a big help to track my progress, and figure out what foods I can and can't tolerate.  (I couldn't eat onions or garlic at first, but now I can tolerate them.  I still can't eat potatoes or many nightshade vegetables however.)

    5) This is where I'm at: continuing to learn.  While you are incorporating this new life style, you will learn a LOT about your health, and there may be ups and downs, depeding on how 'sick' you are from the candidiasis.  I am now looking into detox teas, and some other ways to treat my symptoms holistically and naturally.  This has been a huge delight to me, as I've been on and off prescription meds for migraines and vertigo for years.  (I don't need them anymore.) 

 We are all looking forward to hearing your progress!





My chiropractor asked me where it hurts and I was able to say "no where, just coming in for maintenance".  For the first time in 10 years, the muscle pain has subsided and my spine is staying in line because my muscles have strengthened.  Incredible how much this has affected us and we don't even realize.  I can relate to the organizing.  There have been many nights where I have had energy overload between the acupuncture and the surge I get from die off that I was up until 3 or 4 a.m. re-organizing closets and cabinets and filing old paperwork that was let go for so long because I was sick.  It is so great to have that quality life back again. I met a nice lady who is 73, but she looks my age (43) and she has been eating candida free for 20 years. Her G.I. told her she has a cleaner colon than most people in their early 20s.



A couple of weeks ago my chiropractor/accupuncturist asked me, "OK, where does it hurt?" and it was the first time in three years that I could say, "Nothing hurts." 

I didn't realize that he just anticipated that I would say something hurts. The same week -- it was the first time in 3 years that my PH was completely normal. 

I have decided not to explore so much anymore and I'm happy with the food I can eat. I've found that I really don't need as many carbs as I thought I needed. My weight is less than it's been in maybe 40 years but now people have stopped saying I look to thin. I think I may have more muscle and have found a new "normal". 

My twin sister and I have begun a contract with each other to organize our homes and offices, so now I am getting my environment back in shape, too. It's been more than an internal struggle. A very close friend of mine is now doing the Paleo diet which is similar in some ways to this one. It's so nice to be able to share with her. It's less lonely.

I've also made a new friend locally from WholeApproach who I talk with and text with. She is learning more about juicing and this is one area I am thinking that might be good to explore.



Although I joined over 1.5 years ago--when I had my most serious bout with Candida--I frequently come back to find recipes (mud cake!!) that I had used or just to find answers to my q's ( if licorice root and Yogi Teas are okay).  I am always wonderfully surprised at the breadth of the resources on this forum, the answers provided, and the sheer support that exists here. 

So I wanted to leave a little appreciation note for Whole Approach, just for always being here 




After two months on the Candida free diet, and the completion of PHase I anti-fungals, my allergies went away.  All nasal, skin, and allergy to the sun with my eyes. I can walk down the cleaning isle at the grocery store now without sneezing.  Yaayyy!!!  Barbie


My allergies started over 10 years ago with Allergic Rhinitis, in the nasal cavity. I would have swollen tissue, sneezing, especially in the morning. I was unable to walk down the cleaning isle at the store without having a sneezing fit.  I could not go out into the sun without sun glasses, even if I was standing in the shade.  The sunlight bouncing off of other objects was enough to set me into a sneezing frenzy, swollen red eyes and headache. Also, about 10 years ago, I began having severe skin allergies, I could not use a lot of soaps, detergents, no perfume, lotions, it was pretty bad.  Then about 2 years ago, the food allergies started. In the last 2-3 years, I had sores on my arms & legs that would not go away, a few staph infections, and conjunctivitis.  I am now in Stage III of the diet, and Phase III of the anti-fungals.

All my sores are gone, I can go out in the sun without my sunglasses and it doesn't bother me, I am able to wear perfume, use scented dryer sheets with no rash, I do not wake up every morning with a stuffy nose and cough.  I started the diet about a year ago.  I changed my foods first because I was in such a brain fog, that was all I could handle.  After 10 weeks of the diet changes, I began the anti-fungals.  About 3 weeks into my Phase I anti-fungal, I started to get acupuncture, well worth it!! Greatly speeds up the healing process and I started my menstrual cycle again which is normal to this day.  

And about 2 months later, after reading the post Tarilee shared from a famous writer, Jiddu Krishnamurti about Freedom, I quit smoking cigarettes. Those are processed in sugar and I did not want to continue feeding the C-Monster.  I am allowed to try new foods, but I am afraid to push it. I don't ever want to feel that pain again. So I am taking it real slow.  Besides, I have plenty of time to try, I am not going anywhere, ya know?  I will probably never or hardly ever eat regular bread again, they make yeast free rice bread, that's fine with me. I really do not ever want any foods with yeast in it.  I remember in the beginning, I would wake up some mornings feeling a little stronger inside, and I knew I was winning.  It was empowering. 

Liz, what stage of diet and phase of anti-fungal are you at? Have you considered acupuncture?



 I've been dealing with this for 3 years now and starting the WholeApproach system a year ago. This diet is the best one I've found and the products took me to a new level of wellness.

 Little Mermaid




Once you know what is wrong and how to treat it, your health takes a dramatic leap toward wellness. There is so much valuable and life saving information on the website and the forums. I can't even count how many times I have gone to the forums and typed in the search box and found info to help me know what is wrong and what to do about it.

 JL Kays 



 I just surpassed one year of healing my body this January. It has been quite a journey; and one I am not near completing, although the journey never ends, there will be destinations along the way I can point to that indicate milestones.

 But I wanted to say thank you to Tarilee, this board and others who have helped me get to this point in my life. While I may not have been 100% on the organic "train" from the start, or a few other things, I have come aboard now. I eat only 100% organic vegetables, all non-gmo, get my meats, eggs and dairy from a co-op which raise and prepare only cage-free, anti-biotic/hormone free livestock, and do not heat pasteurize their eggs or dairy. I have learned methods for soaking and sprouting; for which I understand the reasons why. I have come to learn good methods of food intake and balance...

Just Joe




 I can't thank you enough. I have my life back. I was extremely ill, muscle & joint pain for over 3 years, fatigue, digestive issues & pain after eating, leaky gut syndrome, no heat tolerance, I felt like I was dying & the dr.s were not going to help me. After I self-diagnosed myself, I found your site. After 2 weeks of following the diet on your food lists, I was about 50% better. It wasn't easy, ...

 B. Miller



I just want to say from the bottom of my heart....THANK YOU. Whole Approach, I have no doubt that you saved my life. I tell that to everyone I see struggling with health issues, if they'll let me 

 I was told last week by my mother in law that I look 10 to 15 years younger. That's huge coming from her! Well being is more precious than gold.


K. Miller


I am not sure where to post this but wanted to get this good news out. I had a live blood test yesterday and it's the first time in 2 years that my blood does not show any fungi. It is a great milestone I wanted to share.

I am still dealing with toxins in my blood and we are working on this.

I am nearly completing the Phase 2 of the program. I still have some aches in organs so I am going to continue with the program for cleansing organs. I may still go through the entire program to make sure it's all under control. I think I may have been dealing with this problem since a child so that means 50 years or so. I would like to give this all time.

My joint and muscle pain is nearly gone completely. No more morning aches and pain. I am still dealing with allergies so it's still a process. The doctor believes that when we get the toxins cleaned out it may eliminate some of the allergies. I am also dealing with food allergies but I am getting better...

Little Mermaid


I took the questionnaire again today and I scored a 38! I just hit 7 months on the program and I am feeling awesome. About the only real thing I can complain about is some slight bloating after I eat, but oddly enough it only comes after lunch, no matter what I eat, but maybe it is because I am constantly eating during the morning, and then the addition of a big lunch, so I'm eating too much at one sitting. I think I may have even answered a few questions on the questionnaire as higher, "just in case". I'm still going another 5 months though, just to make sure.

I have been feeling pretty darn fantastic and eating well and intend to keep eating this way for life. Although as I move forward, I will continue to add good wholesome foods that were restricted on earlier stages of the diet.

I think the most important thing is to listen to your body.

As far as that other site, I stopped going there because it seemed to me that many there were out for the quick fix (ridding candida in 4-6 weeks) and had some weird notions in how to "cure" candida, which I didn't necessarily think were of great value. I find that (as this site is so aptly named) a whole approach is the way to go. But to each their own. I have found this site to be of great value.

Just Joe


It's pretty amazing to me how far I've come. Not with respect to healing, but mentally. While I still may think about having a beer or something like pizza every now and then, I have a larger overriding thought and feeling that I just would rather not. I think about how the old foods I would eat would just make me feel bad. I equate the two now. It's kind of hard to describe how I feel about it.

Would it be nice to eat real bread again? Sure. And be able to have things that have certain ingredients in them, sure... but that's where I want to leave it, being able to not have to worry so much about if something has yeast in it, or vinegar, or some of the other limit items.

I've felt so good the last month, I don't ever want to feel bad again. I like feeling good, and I like being healthy. My BP at my last Dr's visit was 117 / 72. I have a flat stomach now since I've lost that extra 10 pounds I was carrying. Now all I have to do is get that washboard I've always wanted Smile

I went out with some friends the other night and we all went out to Fridays for a drink after a movie and it was no big deal they drank and I didn't.



Before I went on this diet I was having among many discomforts, bad arthritus pain and swelling in both hands for almost one year. Nothing could take the pain away. I tried going off gluten as best I could although it was difficult to be consistent. Almost immediately after starting this diet and protocol,90-100% discomfort vanished. I'm a believer. Of course my score for candida was so high, it may take three years- to a lifetime on this diet to keep from having a relapse. I am so grateful to the founder of this program for taking a stand to help humanity in this way. Especially at a period in time when there has been absolutely no help or support from the medical systems in recognizing candida for what it is, and how life threatening it can be. I've had a taste of how once it becomes systemic it becomes a path of destruction to the body. hearthrob Love to you all! Thanks Tarilee.


 When I started here I was so sick, and barely even knew how to use the computer. Ashley and Helen and Nancy (and others) were so welcoming. I don't think they're here much now, but it was just wonderful. I'm just passing it along.

I learned how to cook from this site. And how to shop. Now my husband and I eat really well. (The teenager - not so much!)

It's been an interesting journey. Glad your here!



I've had excess wax in my ears for years and had build up to the point that I couldn't hear very well. Since starting Candida treatment with my doctor a year and a half ago I've had them clean out my ears three times because I was having a hard time hearing from the build up. Each time they showed me scabs that had formed inside that they had to clean out. I bought the WholeApproach ear drops on Tari-Lee's suggestion. I used it for about 5 nights in a row. This was about 2 weeks ago. I started the drink program 3 weeks ago. I am so excited. I had an appointment with my doctor for overall check up. Hardly any wax in my ears! I haven't had a doctor say that in YEARS. I was so excited. I can hear so much better, too.

Little Mermaid


Hi Tarilee, I just read your FAQ on the Healthy Fats and Oils. Wow. Wow! I read it twice so I could absorb it. So much I didn't know! Thanks for providing all this information! The more I learn about what is healthy and what is not is throwing my worldly knowledge views upside down.

The more I learn too, the more I want to eat true healthy.

I know this place is a place for truly healthy nutrition and healthy lifestyle all around, and I love that. I doesn't incorporate just candida-safe foods. I am learning and starting to love how healthy feels and love the foods.

Just Joe


I don't often do this, but today I'm going to post a whole thread!

Okay, so it's late at night for me, and on here reading more posts about nutrition, learning and absorbing as I wade through all the scores of information. Just read the aspartame/stevia post. I knew aspartame was bad and that it turned into formaldehyde, but I learned so much more.

I have also realized that while these initial 3 months are not going to be "fun", with all the food restrictions, the die-offs, and such, I can say that I am learning, transforming, changing. Imagine if I did not have candida, but engaged in a normal typical American diet. Even with some healthy options, a drink of pop here, eating this unhealthy thing there, it adds up. So many chemicals and bad things in our foods.

Now I hyper-aware of what goes into my body. I have a new outlook on food and drink. I am keenly observant of what the ingredients are. I also make my meals now. I never cooked before. Sure, I'd love to sit down on the weekends with a nice glass of wine or brandy, but I don't. It's just that simple. Sure, my wife made blueberry muffins last Sunday, and OH did they smell terrific. I know my diet restrictions won't last forever, but even when I do have the opportunity to add things back in, I'll look at what I'm eating and might even say no to things I used to think were "healthy".

So maybe it's all a blessing that I have to go through this...because once I get through it all, I will be a new person, a healthier person.

 Look how your perspective is changing! Not that long ago, you were like, "Look, I just want to get this done and over with and get back to my life." Big Grin

I remember reading one of your posts awhile back, and wanting to respond to it but never took the time to sit down and do it. I was going to tell you, there IS a gift here -- a blessing, yes! I was going to tell you that, had I not had all the issues I had almost 10 years ago, after my first son was born, I wouldn't have ended up here. I wouldn't have learned SO MUCH! My illness forced me to question, forced me to think twice about things, and in turn I learned so many things that have helped me be a better parent, and have healthier children.

I know I wanted to say this to you at some point, but I am SO happy for you that you are coming to this realization on your own! That is awesome! Smile Good for you for sticking with it. You never know what you are learning right now that is going to help those wonderful triplets down the road!

Yes. Absolutely I agree.

This diet/lifestyle can be a total pain in the a$$, but in so many ways it's been a gift. I'm so much more aware of what I'm eating, and even though I've been doing the diet for more than a year, and I went through the whole protocol from this website, I'm still learning new things about what's best for my body.

I know it sounds extreme to still be eating more or less the stage 2 diet, after 1+ years, but I feel so much more energetic and strong that I just keep on doing it.

My husband would love for me to have a glass of wine with him on the weekend, but I'm pretty sure I'm not ready for that yet. I did have one slice of bacon (nitrite free and organic!) last weekend when my sister visited. I had a slight reaction, but nothing serious.

Definitely a blessing, I couldn't agree more.



Well said everyone - and so true!

To see this as a blessing - not just a process that is awful, that you have to tolerate and just get through - but to see it as an opportunity to get to really know your body and like Joe said - to become a new and healthier person.

How good is thatbouncepurple bouncegreen


I totally agree. Having CRC is definitely not fun but it teaches you many things about the effect food has on your health. I have struggled for many years but I know that the approach described on this website is the way to health for me and for many others like me.

I see it as a blessing also...We are all so much more aware than the average person drinking their soda and eating M&M's for lunch.

Having CRC has forced all of us to be tuned in and watching for reactions that other people may not even associate with diet.

We are all lucky in that sense banana



I agree too. It took me a little bit into the program to realize that, but after awhile your tastes really start to change and the food you used to eat doesn't even taste good anymore.

The only thing that bothers me is how inconvienient it is to eat this way. I am looking forward to a time when I can be a little more leniant so we can go out to eat somewhere.

Me too. It's amazing 1) how my sense of smell is so much more acute now (I remember that when I did this many years ago the same thing happened) and 2) how amazingly AWESOME some foods can taste!

For example, I'll make taco meat, ground beef mixed with my homemade refried beans (drained and rinsed pinto beans, garlic, salt and olive oil whipped up in a blender). Fry the ground beef, drain. Re add back to the pan, cook with the refried beans, add more garlic, salt. Then add onion powder, cayenne pepper, chili powder, cumin and tumeric. AWW WOW, yummmmmmmy! Sometimes, if I have left over refried beans, I'll bring that paste to work and eat it as a snack. Delicious!

Eat that with some of my homemade guacamole, and the whole world will just melt away.


Hi KC,

This forum has definitely gotten me through the holidays and has strengthened my resolve. I have a great family but they are all sugar addicts and seem to think this is a "phase" I'm going through and daily I'm asked how long I will be on this diet and whether or not I can have this item of food or that item of food. A few years ago I would have asked the very same questions had I known anyone who had the nerve to go sugar free and for the first time in my life I understand what it must be like to be an alcoholic and have people drinking in front of you. I just never thought that far.

But once we all take this dietary leap of faith we realize that there are layers of understanding and knowledge we never even knew existed and after a certain point there is no turning back and really no desire to turn back. I grow stronger every day and I see it in others who post here too.

And Alex, congratulations on taking the reins. Good things will come for you and for all of us.




I thought I'd just update here with some recent developments.

I spent last week at my mom's house prepping for my wedding. And then getting married, natch! (It all came off beautifully, and the food was great, btw.)

I wasn't able to have my usual foods, but I worked really hard to keep to my stage I-ish diet for most of the week.

My main story here is that on the night before the wedding, the parents and siblings all went out to dinner with B and me. We went to a nice restaurant in Tulsa (The Palace Cafe, if you're in the area), which I'd already contacted to make sure they could deal with a vegetarian, a vegan, and me. They were sooo nice about it all, and were very careful to give me gluten free and dairy free versions of their menu.

However, I decided to order some beef that had been braised in some kind of maple glaze. I knew it, and I ordered it on purpose. (In the full year I've been eating this diet, I haven't knowingly "cheated" ever, so I wanted to see what would happen.) Reckless maybe, but it seems to have been fine!

No YI symptoms (my biggest fear), and the eczema on my hands was clear for the whole wedding week. I have a bit today, but that might be from the airport/airplanes. I always have trouble when my skin gets really dry.

Anyway, I may be slowly arriving at a place in this journey in which I don't have to be afraid of every little thing I put in my mouth.

Now, I'm not going to start drowning my (buckwheat!) pancakes in syrup any time soon, but it was nice to know that one dinner didn't set me back terribly.


Dear WA people and forum members,

Somewhere around this time last year, I started eating the anti-candida diet. With no intentional "cheating," a few honest mistakes, and a few no-other-options slips, I've eaten the stage one diet for most of the last year. (I eat a few extra "limits" on occasion, so I currently go between stage one and stage two.)

In January 2010, I started taking the Attogram products, so I'm not quite at a year on that front.

I just wanted to say thank you for being out there, and thank you to the forum members for being there too.

See, I found myself annoyed the other day when I ate some corn (a problem food for me) at a dinner party (it was in the chili, so I just ate it anyway). It made the little eczema patches on my hand come back for a couple of days.

I was discouraged and annoyed, but then I remembered exactly how I was feeling one year ago: tired and depressed, itchy rashes on my hands and legs, and constant, burning pain from a never-ending yeast infection.

Now I'm full of energy (mostly), less depressed (though I still hate my job, I'm making plans to escape), and I've been itch free for an astonishing 6 months!!!

I don't claim to be "cured" yet, as my little corn-induced rash reminded me, but I feel so much better. I love the way I eat, I doubt I'll ever stop cooking this way.

I will finish the Phase V of the protocol in December, and I'll probably take a break on the anti-fungals, just to see if I'm able to maintain my health without them.

But I wanted to say that this year of eating has been crazy, frustrating, difficult, and wonderful all at the same time.

Thank you,
Leah (Curly Sue)


From Beverly

I'm unsure as to whether or not any of you are interested, but I'd so like to hear your successes that I thought I'd start with mine. Here goes...

I'm 54, female, overly-educated and unemployed. I was raised on coffee, white rice and gumbo (from Louisiana) and currently live in 'white bread and whole milk' SE Texas. Born in the mid-fifties, I was subjected to the penicillin craze during my childhood - even the sniffles warranted a shot. By the time I got to high school I was plagued with walking pneumonia and other similar illnesses, causing others to consider me 'fragile'. That just wouldn't do! After high school I enlisted in the Army and spent 14 years (on and off) in that physically and emotionally challenging environment - mostly to prove that at only 59" tall, I was still capable. I guess you could call me hard-headed.

It was during college that most of my physical problems raised their ugly head and I learned (the hard way) about substances. I never had much of a social life, worked full time (evening shift in a chemical factory) and carried full schedules in engineering school, but I did dance all night, every Friday night. I became so embarassed by the onslaught of tears that came after just one beer that I never drank much, definitely not often. But towards the end of a menstrual cycle in Feb. '82 the all night dancing resulted in Toxic Shock Syndrome. I was one of the earliest survivors but it meant 3 months on IV antibiotics in hospital and then 3 months of oral antibiotics following that stay. My life imploded! It took 3 years and a suicide attempt to get me on-track with a healthier lifestyle. A Course in Miracles activated a spiritual search that continues to this day.

Also, in 1979 I miscarried in my 7th month of pregnancy leaving horrible scars - both emotionally and physically. Ultimately I had a complete hysterectomy in 1984. Thus began a daily regiment of oral hormones but it enabled me to complete several degree plans and work successfully for another 15 years. During a particularly stressful project in the early 90's, I began having flu-like symptoms every evening and was diagnosed (without testing) with Hepatitis C. In 1997, during a hostile take-over of the company I was with I suffered another bout of pneumonia; this time it caused inflammation in the heart muscle and a mild heart attack. I was told not to return to work. I was able to consult for 2 more years but by 1999, I was totally disabled. (But still hard-headed and driven. LOL!)

Another internist took the information I was given and tried inteferon treatments that nearly killed me and resulted in another extended hospital stay, this time on steroids. I was told to get my affairs in order; the liver disease could not be treated and at most, I had about 2 years left. Now add some anti-depressants to the chemical soup. I flew to Pittsburgh to meet the "foremost liver specialist" in the country. He did the same thing the other 2 doctors had done...saw that I had a tatoo, learned I had spent time in the military and decided, without testing, that I had chronic Hep C. And I was again told that since my body wouldn't tolerate inteferon, I would likely die of this disease within a few years. I took their anti-depressants and slept for the next few years. Then, suddenly, I woke up.

Hurricane Rita ripped through my house and helped me destroy all the pharmaceuticals. It was rude and life changing. I couldn't sleep - didn't sleep for nearly 3 years...hives, irritability, headaches. Local physician just said I shouldn't have stopped all the medication 'cold turkey' and sent me on my way. But in 2007, while caring for my mother after she had heart surgery, I got another unpleasant suprise. I got my first yeast infection, herniated my vaginal wall lifting Mom, and finally got the motivation to see an OB/GYN. She tried to sew up the hernia but said that it was like sewing wet tissue paper. After my third visit to her, she performed a biopsy of the inflammed area and diagnosed Lichen Sclerosis. She prescribed steroids and hormones for the LS but the yeast infections just wouldn't stay away. During the next annual physical, my internist FINALLY ran the ANA test and the pieces fell together under a Lupus diagnosis. Further testing revealed chronic auto-immune hepatitis (NOT hep C)as well as chronic auto-immune pancreatitis. I was told that if I refused the steroids, I would not live much longer (OK, guys that's 3 strikes and you are OUT!!) There has to be a better way!

It was while looking through candida-related sites that I found Whole Approach. I down-loaded the food lists, purchased the Lahoz book, and began clearing my kitchen (this may be a lifelong exercise since that was in March and I'm still finding stuff that needs to go). The first week was the hardest as I struggled with feelings of deprivation and starvation, but no yeast infections. I was already underweight at 85 pounds but dropped below 80 before I stabilized. After 6 weeks I felt so much better that I revisited the site and took the survey. I scored 230 on the survey in the book and 181 on the site survey. This was March 15, 2010. I ordered Phase I products and detox tea. Today I scored 43 on the book survey and 35 on the site only 4 months of treatment.

I do follow the diet as strickly as possible and am lucky to have a prolific vegetable garden that makes it much easier. I added a lemon tree and an avacodo tree to my gardens this year. I have also supplemented the diet and treatments with CoQ10, krill oil capsules, and oral chelation therapy. I added the "Women to Women" protocol in May. This includes multivitamins, a hormone balancing, all natural herbal supplement and Adaptisol, also an all natural, herbal supplement for adrenal gland burn-out.

Due to my small size, I only take 1/2 of their recommended doses. In June, I added accupuncture as per the Lahoz book and this month I've added hydrogen peroxide therapy, orally as well as a spa treatment. Being a coffee fanatic, I drink tons of herbal teas, most with lemon added. And I've reinstated yoga (at least an hour/day) from over a decade ago. I'm also practicing meditation again after quite some time away from it. During June, I visited my internist again for a regular physical. We were both pleased to see that a lifetime of very high cholesterol is now under control (without meds), my pancreatic enzymes are normal again and although not yet within normal range, my liver enzymes have dropped significantly. But the real story is in how I feel: Alive! Illuminated with vigor, hope, dreams, and so very grateful for the people here and the changes you've all helped me make in my life.

I do plan to continue with the protocol. I still have low-grade fevers in the evenings but don't know if it's my liver or die-off symptoms. Die-off was so bad during Phase I that I never got past 1 teaspoon of caproyl and will repeat that phase before I move on to Phase III. But even with die-off, I've never felt this good in my adult life. As you can probably tell, I'm ready to start screaming from the roof top, but I don't have to. So many people (some I know, some I don't) stop me at the post office and in the shops and ask what makes me smile so big. They say I'm luminous and I feel it. I'm up to 85 pounds again and have added a dozen laps a day in the pool to my gardening, yoga, meditation and household chores. I believe it's time for me to start looking for a job...anyone need an old crone?

This is just a shortened version of a lifetime of western medicine gone bad. I know you all have a story...tell it here. We need to feel connected; unified in our quest for healthy choices. I know this all sounds totally unbelievable, even to me, but it IS true. I feel like a chapter in the Lahoz book. Bet we could put one together, right here in this thread.

Thank you for the time it took to read all this. Thank you for your honest feelings - I sense the frustrations, the panic, the lost and confused emotions behind your questions. Thank you for making the Lahoz protocol something accessible to us country folks. Thank you, in advance, for your story.

Humbled and grateful,


From Gay Anne!

I thought I'd jump in here and give my "testimonial".

As a teenager I took antibiotics for my skin. Don't know if I had so many issues then, but I know that I loved sugar and breads. I'm sure that was the start of it. I think I had food intolerances since I was a kid, but in my mid twenties I found I couldn't tolerate dairy at all. Then I noticed chemical sensitivities - like to dryer sheets. I didn't think too much of it back in the 80's. (I will be 57 soon. Gosh that sounds old!)

In my mid 30s I started taking antibiotics again for my skin and birth control pills. Ended up with thrush - but didn't have a clue what it was. Finally went to the doctor and I got some lozenges to suck on. No mention of changing diet or anything back then. From then on, it was all downhill. (Until finding Whole Approach!) I had chronic pain all over my body. I couldn't sleep. Everything I ate made me sick or congested. After many years I think I came across the Yeast Connection book and started the diet. Of course, I was not successful, because back then no one knew the yeast would become resistent to the current antifungal. (What antifungal? I didn't take anything.) I just thought I was weak-willed.

About 10 years ago, my chiropractor thougtht I might have some yeast issues. I took the test, and scored in the 200 region. They sold me the Attagram products and gave me a diet, but not as strict as the Whole Approach diet. And they said it might get worse before it gets better! No mention of die-off. Boy was I surprised! I went straight for a Coka-Cola when the die-off hit. (Did I mention I was a junk food junkie!)

But I did manage to get through the die-off eventually. Unfortunately, no change in the antifungals, so again, the cravings came back and I was "weak"!

I went through die-off several times before I really made this work. I'd do well for a few years, then get stressed out about something, and back to the sugar and carbs.

I continued to get sicker and sicker. Not anything a doctor could put his finger on. Just not well. Couldn't sleep, always bloated, chronic pain,congested, etc. etc. The final motivation for me was my mom getting ovarian cancer. One of the first signs of that type of cancer is abdominal bloating. I knew that if I didn't get this under control I'd never be able to tell if I was getting ovarian cancer. And I wanted to help my mom, but I was so tired all the time. I also wanted to support her in choosing better foods to eat.

I was too exhausted to even go to the chiropractorto buy the products, so I decided to see if I could find the products online. That brought me to Whole Approach. I ordered the products, but didn't delve further. I barely knew how to use the internet then, since it was so painful for me to be on the computer. But I knew that I would have to change the way I ate, and I'd have to learn to cook differently since what I did in the past didn't work. So I started to check out this forum, and it was a LIFESAVER!! Not only recipes, but other people going through the same thing I was going through. It was months before I actually posted anything. But I found out how wonderful everyone was.

And finding out the yeast would become resistant was key for me. Six weeks into stage one, the symptoms came back. By then, I knew what to expect, so I switched antifungals and started this path to success.

I didn't always follow the diet perfectly. I did the best I could. I'm self employed and work alot and my mom was 2 hours away, and I wanted to spend time with her. But any good decision I made was better than choosing junk food. I was pretty strict with the diet for 18 months. By then, I was feeling really good! Thinner! Glowing skin! I started adding fruit in then. My body doesn't love fruit. I do, but I can't seem to tolerate a lot of it. At the 2 year mark, I started adding other foods in. This part has been challenging. I start eating too many carbs. Too much wheat. Too much dairy.

This week I've stayed pretty close to the stage one diet, and I don't think it's any coincidence that the bumps on my nose that have been there for months have disappeared. I've also been doing the purge with GSE twice a day.

For me, I think this could be an ongoing process. Not everyday. I go weeks without doing the purge. The diet doesn't have to be so strict all the time for me, but I'm happy I can go back to it when I need to. I don't feel deprived, I feel like I've been given the tools for good health.

My mom worked so hard to stay alive. I have the knowledge now, that she didn't have back then. I just need to make the right choices for my health. I'm so grateful to have found this site. It's been a Godsend to me and my family.


Just wanted to share with some people who I know will understand my excitment and enthusiasm. After 4 months of being on the candida diet, my kitchen was getting full of all of my "new" foods mixed in with the "old" foods. In the midst of my spring cleaning I decided to clean out my kitchen and get rid of all the old stuff that I am no longer eating. When I first started this diet I was skeptical about my ability to see it through. I pictured myself wasting away, feeling deprived and depressed. Today, I feel like a new person. I was shocked and disturbed as I read the labels of the foods as I packed them up. It was a perfect time to reflect on where I had come from to get to where I am now. Just months ago, I barely ever cooked myself a meal...well unless you consider cooking up some kraft dinner, canned soup, or popping a pre-made meal into the oven. I had no idea what quinoa, millet, stevia etc were. I rarely ate a vegetable (less than once a week) and loved my white bread. I will even admit that I have eaten ice cream or a bag of cookies for dinner! I was stressed at work and never made time for myslef...and then my lifestyle caught up with me. I was totally burnt out and chronically sick. It seemed that just as I would get one issue under control another would rear it's ugly head. After months of visiting doctors, antibiotics, and frustration I visited a kind and caring ND who started me on the path to recovery. I became addicted to researching candida and the more I found out the more I researched. It was overwhelming and just as I felt I had no where to turn I came across this forum. It has been a beacon of hope and a source of infinite information for me and I am truly grateful for it's existence. Nowadays, I am constantly learning about new foods and ways to prepare them. My crisper is stocked full of veggies...and now that my tastebuds are re-born I actually enjoy them (who knew this could be possible!). I make time for myself, I exercise, seek healing treatments, know my way around the healthfood store (my first trip there was an adventure), and never put anything in my mouth without reading the label first. I feel is great. I am still struggling with some symptoms as my body attempts to re-balance, but I feel hopeful for the future. I am passionate about learning and growing as I continue along this journey. Wow, all of that from a simple kitchen clean-up. Anyways...thank you very much for your support, encouragement and knowledge along the way.

Wishing you one healthy day at a time....


Hi Mary -

I have been CRC free for about 5 months now. I can eat popcorn and a few other avoid list foods like corn & white potato etc. I too never eat sugar or too many starches, processed food or anything that I am allergic to (wheat etc.)

Chris wavey2


Lisa B

I'm wondering how candida causes so many different symptoms! I can understand how yeast can cause an itchy scalp, a UTI or a vaginal yeast infection, but how does it affect the body in so many ways?

For example, over the past month, I have been sleeping better than I have slept in 15 years -- how did the Candida diet do that? Also, I had ingrown hairs on my legs after shaving for 10 years, but now I don't. How did the diet do this??? I want to understand the mechanism, so that I can explain it to my relatives who are asking about my "crazy diet" and the results. Any ideas?



You know, despite the difficulties I have eating mainstream foods I would never go back. the immune system boost I get from the diet is worth the "sacrifices". I feel strong, like I am still 18. There are just too many unknown elements taxing our bodies these days. Food in all reality is easy to control. I sometimes struggle with a craving here and there but 99% if the time I have learned to view food as merely a means to power myself for the things in life I really love. TOO many people LIVE for food, and they don't know how much they live for it, until a few try to diet, which never works. It has to be a lifestyle change.



It's been 11 months since starting this program for CRC. I am officially cleared of candida as of last month. As the doc put it, "What ever you are doing, it's working, keep at it, you've come a long way".

Can I tell you that it was wonderful to hear that from a guy that specializes in this stuff. I never did use the prescription anti-fungals he prescribed but made it to good health nonetheless.

I am still struggling a bit with leaky gut so I've started "official" treatment for that via a supplement powder.

I wanted to share that in the early days when I literally thought I might not make it, this site gave me power, passion & strength to make it through those scary days & nights. I'm forever grateful for the company of my CRC companions & the wealth of info. on this site.

I have never deviated from the food plans because I think it would be very easy to slip back into sugar addiction but my-o-my I still would like some ice cream one day!!

For those of you who are early in this journey - hang tight, you WILL recover. I was very impatient to see quick results & looking back, it did go quick for me. I am blessed to be able to capture that for my own recovery.

I think humor really helped, epsom salt baths, loading the super greens, red cabbage, yoga, walks, the extra hands from my husband when I couldn't deal with loud kids.

Petunia Baby


(And I hope you enjoy the earworm!)

I started the elimination/candida diet on March 31. I can't believe how good I feel.

When I started, my score on Dr. Crook's quiz was 241, with 180+ being "symptoms almost certainly a result of candida." A month ago I was at 190 and yesterday, I was at 85. A score of 60 is the lowest candida measure with his quiz.

I have energy again. I am riding my bike to work several days a week. I'm involved in a political campaign and our local Komen affiliate--after several years of virtually no outside involvements.

My agitation has lessened tremendously. Oh, sure, I still get grumpy and angry--that's life. My crying jags are gone.

My fatigue is gone. I still tire easily but I can pace myself better. I can have a work meeting at 3:00 in the afternoon and be an active participant. Four months ago, I couldn't tell you my own name after about 1:00. I can stay awake past 8:00. I am reading (voraciously) again.

I am gluten-, corn-, yeast-, and sugar-free. I eat a small serving of fruit maybe once every two weeks. Same with dairy. I eat more high-glycemic carbs than I should but I'm trying to watch it. I've craved sugar only once through this--and if you knew what a sugarfreak I was before, you'd be amazed. My coworkers can't believe I'm not indulging. I still have my 1/3 cup of coffee a morning. Eh, what can I say?

I haven't felt sick since my GSE die-off a few weeks ago. I used to *always* feel sick, like I was coming down with something--always. I've lost 12 lbs--12 that I needed to lose.

My husband was a bit skeptical at first--and also pretty bummed that our Friday night pizza night was off, and all of that. The turning point for him was when I showed him that the nail fungus I'd been battling for nearly five years is GONE. He's been much more supportive since then (he was grudgingly supportive before--it was a big change for him, too.) For some reason that was his lightbulb moment when he really *got* that this was working for me. He's been a rock star since.

I know that this isn't over by a long-shot. I have no plans to change anything I'm doing. Why would I? It's working. This is my new lifestyle and I'm overjoyed that I've got my health back. The next thing is a deep dental cleaning in a few weeks and then I'll really feel like I've beat out the yeast.

Thanks everyone for all your good input and support. As we've all discussed in various threads, this is an awfully lonely process to go through. I hope this post will help someone who is struggling feel that there is hope. It *does* get good again. Really.


I just wanted to say "Thanks" once again for having this forum and leading me to good health. I marked my one year anniversary of following this program and I couldn't have imagined feeling this good a year ago. My stomach doesn't hurt all the time now, and, frankly, my family doesn't have to endure the toxic gas. They thank you, too! lol I never thought I wouldn't crave all that junk I used to eat! The recipes are so helpful and I feel so satisfied eating this way.

The most amazing think for me is that I have fibromyalgia, chronic pain, and I haven't taken any meds for about 3 weeks. It's been rainy and chilly here in Minnesota, which was usually a sure time I'd feel awful. I had hoped I would find relief from the pain if I stuck with this "way of life", but at times it seemed like the progress just wasn't coming in that area. My candida score was always high because of the chronic pain, and I was just resigned to the fact that it might always be that way.

But now I'm so excited. I've been working a tremendous amount of hours as a photographer and countless hours on the computer, with little time to see my massage therapist or even to renew my perscription that I had run out of. And I don't feel rotten! I feel good. Thank you! Thank you! You have given me hope! I've had chronic pain for 20 years. This is so wonderful. I know the progress may be one step back for 2 steps forward. The pain may come back, but I feel confident it won't stay.

I couldn't have done it without this forum and everyone's support here, especially Tarilee, Ashley, Helen, Judith and Sandi, bless her soul. Thank you all!



Hello everyone, I just wanted to update and know how you're all doing? Smile

I think I'm about two and a half weeks into this now? In any event, after the first week something amazing happened, I had more energy than I've had in years. I'm so excited to continue this, every day I feel better and better. I know there are still rough times ahead but for once in my life, something is actually working. My friends tell me that I seem so much happier suddenly and have color in my cheeks Wink .

So thank you all so very very much. I cannot possibly express my utter joy through this medium but know that this program and your support has truly been a guiding light in this darkness.



Hello I have not been here on this forum for almost 2 years now. I came in only to retrieve some information I had written in a message to help someone else. In doing so, I read some of my old posts.

This was my first message in February 2006:

"Hello everyone, this is my first post and it is not joyful.

I am so discouraged today. I have been battling with candida related problems for many years. Bronchitis, prostatitis, burming pain in mouth and recently fungus on my scalp. Of course I also experience tiredness, hopelesness and mental confusion."

Not a rosy picture right? Well I am happy to declare that all these symptoms have completely disappeared. For the last 18 months I have felt none of it.

I found my solutions right here through my interaction with others in this excellent forum.

Tarilee, Ashley (ashleygait) and Susan especially (peacefulmeow) were extremely helpful and generous with their time and experience.

I do remember all those sinister thoughts and seeing no possible end to the suffering. I have been there in the dark corner of my soul and spirit. I had completely lost faith. But some people here had not and they offered brilliant support. I got better - much better. You will too.

Thank you



Hi all,

Some of you know me since a while. I remember the first time I connected to this website, I was so sich that I thought I was going to die !

It took 2 years to feel very well again but don't get discouraged, during these 2 years, I had lots of great moments.

I want to give a hope for those who connect here for the first time and are completely sick : today, I'm happy, I feel great and I'm 4 months and half PREGNANT !

Finally, this disease helps me to understand my body and knows what is good or not for me (and for my baby).




I found this website when I was searching for July 2007 Attagram products. I didn't want to drive to my chiropractor's office anymore,since life is so busy right now. As so many others have written, I just think it's a Godsend! I've been battling this yeast for over 10 years, but never quite found a way to keep it GONE. I could tell whatever I was using quit working, but I couldn't understand why. I just thought I was weak and couldn't keep sugar out of my mouth! With this forum, I find so many great ideas on how to manage this treatment, and stick with the diet. It has been incredibly helpful!!! I sometimes forget how much my stomache hurt before. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making this information available.

The recipe section has even motivated me to cook!! Sometimes I just laugh out loud, when others express the my exact feelings-"They expect me to eat this stuff!"

Best Wishes,



Well it has been offically one month since I began my diet, and as hard as it was, things are looking real good, not only did i lose a TON of weight, but my symptons have just baout dissapeared, I cant belive how much sugar I was eating (sugar and yeast are my biggest issues)I had a PROBLEM, I would eat ice Tea Mix out of the can!!! and Jello mix out of the can!!

It's amazing how this diet can make you realize how much junk and posion we put inour bodies, i eat fresh now, lots of salads lots of good protiens, when I am hungry I try not to feed the urge to eat, but try to figure out what my body needs.I even made fried zucchini patties "breaded" with ground up almonds and flax seeds, fried lightly in olive oil and sprikled with sea salt.Its WAAYYYY good!Instead of craving fast food, i am craving salads, hummus, and veggies. my energy level is up, my triglycerdies way down, and tomy suprise my bloodpressure went from 160 over 90 to 120/79!! in a month and a half!

I am really seeing the great effects of this diet on my body and honestly that keeps me going on it, although trying at times, I know it is teaching me a new way of eating for a healthier me, and I have dropped 8 pounds alone and kept it off just from dropping all the garbage I was eating!It's almost become second nature to me now, i can go into the grocery store and tell you immediatley what I can and cant eat, what I like that I can eat and what tastes like cardboard lol! I know that there are people on here that are much sicker than I, and I wanted you to know I am not really intending to use this as a wieght loss tool, but I just had to tell someone how having to be on this diet, has actually done amazing things!

Good health to you all!

Wife Lady

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