Success on the Five Phase Protocol

The Whole Approach Candida Cleanse Products are now in stock again just in time for some inner spring cleaning for a fresh season that will see you feeling and looking your best.


Three products that combine to form the basis of the Whole Approach protocol. Together they have been nicknamed by our members, the “Purge Drink.” Each of the three products plays an important role in colon detoxification.

In the Whole Approach protocol, the Caproyl acts like a “detergent” killing pathogens like yeast, bacteria and some parasites. The psyllium acts like a “scrub brush” to remove waste material from the sides of the intestines. The Bentonite acts like a sponge by adsorbing toxins, attracting and holding them to its extensive surface area. Together, the gel matrix formed by all three ingredients of the Purge Drink traps the toxins so that they can be quickly escorted out of the body.

Benefits reported by people enjoying the cleansing benefits of the Purge Drink include: Increased nutritional health through better nutrient absorption, improved intestinal regularity; relief from chronic diarrhea, indigestion, and ulcers; a surge in physical energy; clearer complexion; brighter, whiter eyes; enhanced alertness; a lighter mood; improved tissue and gum repair; and increased resistance to infections.

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And for those of you who want a little inspiration to try the program, you may wish to read the positive feedback from our members. 


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