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Hello, I am new to this forum. I have started with the diet 3 weeks ago. I would like to ask if it is ok to change the grains during the stage 1. E.g. in one week I will have meals including millet, buckwheat and wild rice. And the next week  include buckwheat,  white rice and quinoa. Is it allowed during the diet?

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That's odd that you were able to post, it was my understanding this was no longer a part of the forum. But I'm glad to see that we are!! We are allowed grains on the Orange food list, but only a limited amount of servings per day (and organic if possible to purchase). As far as the rotation you are describing, that's fine if your body will tolerate it. I had severe leaky guy syndrome and allergies to foods. Therefore, I was on a four day rotation where I could not eat the same item within four days. You should be able to find the "serving sizes" information by performing a search from the tool bar at the top.

And welcome to the forum and the Whole Approach lifestyle. I've been utilizing this forum and site, diet recommendations and protocol since 2011. Good to see new members.

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Barbie, thank you for your generous answer!  We have not yet closed the forum to posting, but no longer have a paid moderator on the forum.  We depend on our visitors to help each other at this time.  The future of this forum is uncertain.  Also, the support forum is a great resource, searchable using keywords.  Happy Reading! 

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