*Soy Milk Fruit Shake

Although it could be good as a snack, I like it for breakfast - especially good if you are on the run.
Soy Milk Fruit Shake
1c fresh or frozen fruit (I usually use blueberries, cherries or unsweetened shredded coconut)
1 - 2 c unsweetened soy milk (I like Silk)
Chicolin to taste (I typically use 1 tsp)

If using frozen fruit, you need to let it thaw a little bit.

Start with placing the fruit in the blender. and then add 1 cp oif the soy milk and the chicolin. If it's too think, then just add in some more soy milk until you get the texture you want.

Hope you enjoy it.

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I don't recommend soy products unless they are traditionally fermented preparations like tempeh, miso, tamari etc and these can be poor choices during candida treatment. Hemp seed or pumpkin seed milk are better choices (homemade with stevia)

Thre is an article on the faq section about the dangers of soy. It's also allergenic and as such can cause inflammation, irritablility, depression and bladder or kidney pain.

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