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You posted in the right section but somehow I missed your post. My most sincere apologies. 


If you are sore or have some sort of yeast or bacterial infection it's likely quite aggravating healing to have intercourse.It  could also be passed on to your partner. 


It's important to know if your soreness is caused by yeast or bacteria or something else. Do you know why you are sore?


Have you looked at some of the solutions provided in the FAQ's to reduce yeast related vaginal symptoms?


Sorry again for being so long getting back to your question LS.


Perhaps the situation has resolved itself by now. 


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Hi Tarilee,
I feel sure my husband has had the CRC passed on to him ( although his main symptoms are bloating and inflamed joints/ muscles) since I have struggled with this for 24 years. When I started the protocol, he graciously did also. But when he increased his Caproyl dose, he developed hives and that scared him. He had a similar reaction to penicillin as a child.  So he has not been persuaded to start up again yet.
My lab work has consistently only ever shown yeast, although it's been over a year since I have requested another test.   The internal soreness (as well as external itching) often gets worse at the end of my monthly cycle. What does this indicate?
I have read the FAQ section and have tried the Kolorex cream for intimate areas. It is soothing externally.  Is it for internal  use also?   I have been trying to decide between the Moon Maid yam cream or salve, as my next venture.
What are your thoughts?

Hi there LS,


Good that you've had some lab work done to know what you're dealing with. 


I'm sorry to hear your husband had a hives reaction. It's possible it was an allergic reaction to the one of the products (safflower oil, coconut oil extract, psyllium, bentonite?) or it could have been a reaction to too much die off at once. If he has candida related complex, (as opposed to genital only), I do not believe he could have 'caught' it from you. 


Here is a link to a post about whether candida yeast is contagious.


Have you read through most of the welcome links? You can find some instructional info there to help you and your husband understand the process as much as possible. The link to the products page was hard to see above. Here is a link here.


I would not use Kolorex cream internally but your idea of using the Moonmaid Red Clover Plus Salve sounds good. Either the yeast cream or the salve or both together. Women have more sensitivity to yeast and discomfort (and to almost everything) just before their period. Is this when you are experiencing it?


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It is worse right before my period starts.

I am away on holiday right now and the itching is severe- more so than before I started phase one of the program!!! It's beyond the time frame of my period. Is it that much of a stress on the body to travel? I have stayed with my diet... I have stopped the Caproyl until this crazy itch dies down a little.

Hi Tarilee, 

I am at a point of great desperation.  I don't know what to do!!!  I feel myself giving up!  Before the vacation, my symptom score had gone from 165 on March 11 down to 35 on June 16.  And then this happens.  Travel to visit extended family does stress me out to some extent and I was in the heat more than usual and the sheets were washed in a different detergent and there were cleaning products used and air fresheners that I have banished from my own home, but this is insane!!!  I wake up 2-3 times a night because I find myself scratching my vaginal area (which, of course, is getting raw).  The sensation is almost intolerable at bedtime- it seems to come in waves of prickles and itches.  At it's height, I can't hold a conversation and I shake a little.  I had gone off of the Caproyl for 5 days (per our earlier conversation) and then when I got back home, I only did 1/2 teaspoon once a day.  Then it was time to switch to the Grapefruit extract- so I thought, maybe the fungus has gotten used to the Caproyl and I should go ahead and switch to the grapefruit seed extract,since it's the 3 month mark.  I have only done 2 drops twice so far.  I have tried to decrease the possible die off symptoms by taking baths infused with simmered ginger root and alternately, Epsom salt.  I have even resorted to an ice pack- although that wears off pretty darn fast...  My order for the red clover ointment and the yam cream and yam salve have not arrived just yet.  Have you ever heard of this type of a reaction?  Why would I have such a strong die off now, this far into the process???  I can barely sit down...  I have banished yacon syrup also, since that was new to my use recently...  Can anybody out there relate to this???  I need some hope right about now.



That sounds just horrendous! 


Yes it could be die off but it could also be a food reaction or just a worsening of pathogens. Have you had a confirmation from a swab at the doctors, that your vaginal itching is caused by yeast? There are bacterial related problems that could cause the same symptoms you're having.


A sitz bath as describe in the FAQ's might help. However you're in quite a state so you'll have to experiment very carefully so as not to make things worse and I would see the doctor first to make sure you know what is wrong for sure.


You could explore using a very, very small amount of peppermint essential oil or tea tree oil to it (but too much will burn and hurt like heck.) I can't say what would be the right amount. One drop in a sitz bath might even be too much so you may have to make a dilution and then add very very slowly as you see how it feels in the bath. See the idea about using aloe juice too though I cannot 'prescribe' any of these things, just recommend you look into them. I sure hope you find relief soon. In the meantime, in case it is die off that is making it worse, you might want to stop any anti-fungals and get your symptoms under control before starting back on them.


Healing thoughts and quick relief to you!!!






The red clover salve will help heal but it does not have strong anti itch properties - that's where the cooling properties of tea tree or peppermint come in (but they can still and burn if used too strong).

I will try that, thanks. I am a vegan and my protein comes mainly from beans, nuts and seeds. When this irritation ramped up, I cut out garbanzo beans, because the list says they are nightshades. Is eating other beans going to keep me from getting well, because of their carb content?  Can I get enough protein from just nuts and seeds, yet not get too much fat?

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