Soothing and healing for vagina itching and discomfort

Whole Approach carries multiple soothing products for women's health. 

Kolorex™ Cream

The Kolorex cream performs as well in the lab as pharmaceutical creams. It contains tea tree oil and KolorXtract (horopito extract) in a soothing base of aloe vera and apricot kernel oil. It is free of petrochemicals.

Apricot Kernal Oil makes up the but natural base. Aloe vera has some mild antifungal properties but its primary role in this product is to soothe and heal. The Tea Tree oil used is a very strong antifungal and antibacterial. The synergy between the aniseed and P. colorata extracts add further antifungal strength to the cream. 

Kolorex™ Cream has been formulated to provide relief from superficial infections caused by yeasts, fungi and bacteria. It has been found to be particularly effective against fungal rashes and itches such as athletes’ foot, jock itch and vaginal yeast infection. It is also effective against the bacteria Gardnerella (hemophilus), one of the most common causes of vaginitis after Candida albicans. A clinical trial involving 12 New Zealand practitioners found 88% respondents reported an improvement in their vaginal yeast infections after using Kolorex Cream. 

Note: Because horipito seed (a key active ingredient in Kolorex, comes from the pepper family, if you overdo the use of this product, use it on broken skin or combine it with highly acidic products like monostat or GSE, it can cause serious burning. Also avoid products with tea tree oil in them.

Derma Soothe

If external (i.e. on the outside of the vaginal) redness and soreness are your main skin or vaginal symptom, this is the product for you. Derma Soothe compresses (applied with cotton gauze), are highly effective as an anti-inflammatory topical treatment. This innovative liquid formula also has a mild cooling action and it will reduce itch as a result of this and it’s anti-inflammatory action. Do not simultaneously use any GSE, garlic or tea tree products with this or any topical pharmaceuticals or it will burn the tissue

Red Clover Salve

Red Clover Plus Salve - with Ravensara is a wonderful herbal alternative to cortisone cream ­ worth its weight in gold. It provides relief for the itchiness, discomfort, and redness associated with inflammatory conditions of the skin, as well as eczema, psoriasis, and various types of rashes. In addition, its comforting, therapeutic action helps the skin recover from minor cuts, wounds, and non-specific dermatological conditions.

Red Clover Plus Salve is made from St. Francis Herb Farm’s exclusive Organic/Certified Organic/Wildcrafted blend of Golden Seal roots, Burdock roots and seeds, Black Walnut hulls, Echinacea Purpurea as a whole plant, Red Clover blossoms, Eucalyptus leaves, Calendula flowers, and the essential oil of Ravensara ­ all in a superb base of Gargano Gold™ Kosher Certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil and untreated natural Beeswax.

Among these ingredients, Red Clover in particular has traditionally been employed by herbalists in the treatment of skin conditions. Red Clover Plus Salve¹s uniquely effective combination of herbs works together synergistically to give relief on many fronts. Not only is it antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti-fungal, but it soothes as it heals, reducing pain while restoring the skin to health. 


This can be used with some of the products above with warnings not to use with other strong products. Also, the Saint Francis Farm- chamomile zinc cream can be used in interchangeably if the issue is tender tissue.


MoonMaid Anti-Yeast Ointment

This anti-fungal ointment is effective yet gentle. Best not to use with any topical products containing tea tree oil, grapefruit seed extract, boric acid or any other acidic product that may burn. 


Yeast Arrest Suppositories


This formula, designed by a Naturopathic Doctor is gentle yet highly effective.


Flax Vaginal Lubricant

Recipe for water decoction of flax. For relief of dryness. Can also be used with polyurethane condoms to prevent irritation during intercourse. 

Boil about two cups water and add about 1/8 cup of washed golden (brown will do also) flax seeds. Simmer for approximately twenty minute or until the water has the consistency of egg whites. Strain the seeds out while hot and store in tiny sterilized glass jars.. In the fridge it will stay fresh about two days. It freezes well. Remember to only fill the jars three quarters full. 

The “Yogurt Remedy” (quote from previous moderator, Wendy)

"One commonly used strategy for vaginal yeast infections is to simply douche with and then pack the vagina with yogurt!! Messy, yes.. but ahhhh the relief! 

First, mix one cup of plain yogurt (live acidopholis) with warm water and douche with it... it mixes easiest in a bowl with your hands - then pour into the douche bag. Retain the water/yogurt mixture as long as you can. You will feel IMMEDIATE relief from itching/burning/irritation! 

Then (best done each night at bedtime) take cold yogurt (or let it get to room temp if you're not into the cold) and using your hands, pack it up into the vagina. As much as you can... then put on a kotex or folded cloth in your COTTON panties, and sleep. I've never had to do this for more than 3 days without it working!"

The DDS "Suppository" Cure

Though again, I can't instruct you to insert anything into any opening in your body besides your mouth, I can tell you that many people use the DDS Plus capsules as suppositories. In situations where there is dryness, some women report using additional yogurt in some way similar to the described approach above for soothing moisture.

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