Some of my favourite products

I'm going to talk today about a few of the wonderful  products available through the Whole Approach website. 

The Smooth Operator product that we sourced for Leaky Gut Syndrome (LGS) is a tremendous intestinal anti-inflammatory product.  It's called Smooth Operator.

smooth operator

Combining Smooth Operator with Absorb-Aid at  each meal can increase tolerance for foods while helping heal the lining of the intestinal tract.


Though I don't recommend using it in order to ignore food allergies and 'eat the foods anyway', it does make an excellent way to reduce intestinal inflammation and future food allergies while healing current ones. I highly recommend it to anyone with food allergies! 

Taking this dynamic duo with you when you travel can be very helpful as well. And of course, upping your intake of Probiotics while travelling can help in other ways by boosting digestive, immune, and mood resilience. 


The Querceten & Bromelain. product is awesome! I LOVE this product to help support cleansing and reduce inflammation from injury or illness.  I also find that it increase energy. It is known to reduce platelet aggregation and this action can lead to improvements in many physiological functions, not the least of which is oxygen delivery to cells (which leads to more energy.) There are many more positive benefits as well. You can use this as an alternative to Smooth Operator for non-itestinal inflammation issues. 

Q and B

The Moonmaid Rose Cream is a WONDERFUL lightly fragrant (natural rose scent) with it's smooth, skin balancing, moisturizing power. It's lovely and it's Linda's favourite.

rose cream

And the MoonMaid Botanicals Dandelion Blossom Cream is my favourite cream! It's a gorgeous smell and an oil base that is absorbed within a few minutes and moisturizing effect that lasts hours. It is fabulous for men or women with it's neutral fragrance.

dandilion cream

Natural, additive and GMO free B Complex by Dr Rons. Quality B vitamins are hard to find. This natural blend offers potent support for digestive, immune and mental/emotional health. B vitamins are involved in almost every enzyme activity in the body and thus essential to good health.

b vitamins

The vitamin D drops  can lessen seasonal affective symptoms from low light winters. Some people even need it supplemented in small amounts in summer. Vitamin D functions a lot like a hormone. You may enjoy an increase in mental and physical energy within one dose. High doses are 4000 to 8000 iu (best to have regular blood levels checked if using it at high levels). Once the sun gets higher in the sky in spring, you may consider lowering it. I still personally use 2000 iu a day.  

vitamin d

Hepafem is a gentle but very effective liver product from one of our favourite suppliers, Vitanica. This blend is fantastic, either for a liver cleanse or to help ease hormonal issues related to PMS or peri-menopause. It's also protective and cleansing for those of you who might be exposed to toxins that the liver needs to process. It's the nicest liver formula I've tried in a long time. I still love the SFHF Hepato, especially since it can be used by the drop and thus increased slowly but I appreciate the alternate formula and the capsule form of Hepafem as well. I think either or both can have a place in a healthy, holistic self care program. 


Colon Motility capsules provide gentle relief from slow elimination. Unlike products containing senna or high levels of cascara sagrada, it can be used for up to a month and is great for those who are adjusting to increased fibre intake and also for those who experience constipation as a die off symptom.

 Deep Immune might just be at the top of my favourites list. Their support is palpable and they can be used regularly all year round (with a break each three weeks for deeper integration). I end up trialing other products and forget about these but when I'm off them, I really notice an increase in my susceptibility to viruses.

The capsules come in vegicaps and the tincture (my favourite) comes in organic alcohol.

deep immunedeep immune liquid

 Zinc Chamomile cream has such a nice texture and just the right amount of zinc. It does not cake up or form a very thick coating on the skin. It smells great and feels even better! Perfect for very sensitive areas.  zinc cream

Take good care,




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