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Dearest forum members,

I have a vision for you over the holiday season that I want to help make into a reality for all of you. Yes I imagine each one of you enjoying and sharing (make enough of your favourite treat to share with your loved ones Yes  delicious, healthy, innovative food treats that make you feel amazing and that bring you the satisfaction of keeping promises to yourselves. As you inspire those around you and revel in this most glorious form of indulgance, you can imagine all of your forum friends all over the world doing the same.love2 Know that your choices will make positive ripples of change all around you, especially when your choices involve local organic foods that are created and delivered in closer harmony with the Earth.

In order to help all of you accomplish this I encourage you to share your wisdom, creativity and experience to fill in this thread.

I know that many of you have individually invented strategies for making festive times healthy. You may have found one or two small changes or tactics or recipes or recipe alterations that you've had success with. Imagine how much healthy wonder we could all create if we pool all of our great ideas together!

I ask that each one of you reach into your 'bag of tricks' for healthful empowerment and enjoyment of the holiday season, and pull out one (or more) gem that you'd like to share with our forum community to support this group effort. Smile 

What isyour favourite food or strategy or drink or recipe variation? If you've got a favourite in the recipe section that you'd like to include in your answer, feel free to either link to it, using the URL insert function above or by just copying it and pasting it into a new post on this thread. If your main strategy is mental or emotional or if it involves a certain approach to physical activity, please share that too.

Thanks to all of you for all the inspiration that you provide all year round- to each other, and to me! 

With Love,


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