Shank Prakshalana (salt water cleanse through yoga)

I couldn't find any results when I ran a search for Shank Prakshalana, has anybody tried this for Candida, parasites, or general dysbiosis?  It basically entails drinking salt water in the morning, performing 5 asanas multiple times, and repeating the process until it stimulates a cleansing effect.  It's supposed to cleanse your entire intestinal tract, so it's very intense and therefore ill-advised to attempt it on your own.  I've been trying to track down a yoga instructor to walk me through it but it doesn't seem to be a very common practice.  It also involves a specific dish, "khichari," which serves an important function in the cleanse, but it contains a good deal of white rice, so I don't know how suitable it is for people with Candida problems.

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Kitchadi can be modified with brown rice and a higher percentage of mung beans. If you can get a medium spice blend recipe or one suited for your dosha (vata, pita or kaffa) -sp?


then I think it's a great cleanse. As for the vomiting, I don't have experience with it nor knowledge of it's benefits or safety. Sorry. An Indian Ayurvedic doctor or herbalist may be able to help you. 


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