Say it isn't so! Keto and Candida (Does Candida Feed On Ketones?)

Many days into a very low carb/no sugar/higher fat eating regime (KETO LIKE DIET - I'M SURE MY SYSTEM MIGHT BE IN KETOSIS) and I'm feeling like my Candida situation might be getting worse? Or could it just might be severe die-off of the Candida making me feel similar symptoms of overgrowth. Not sure?? Without having access to the WholeApproach Candida package (Bentonite, Psyllium, Caproyl, etc..) what thoughts, ideas, suggestions anyone would have would be greatly appreciated

PS: Looks as if I might need to get my Candida under more control before removing all carbs and sugar from my diet?

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Hi there Kevin,

Good to see you here though I'm sorry to hear you're not feeling great. I can't tell from your post what your symptoms are but if they include low mental and physical energy, they may be related to the adjustment to a very low carb diet as much as they might be related to candida. A low carbohydrate, high fibre, high fat and moderate protein diet can be helpful for candida recovery and other disease states as well.

This post discusses something that some people call "keto flu"

Increasing water intake substantially can help. Also, though I cannot professionally recommend it, myself and others have benefited from  using himalayan sea salt and electrolytes in much higher quantities than average intake. 

Let me know what you discover as you experiment your way through this over the next couple of days. Thanks!


Hi Tarilee,

Thanks for your thoughts.  I've since increased my carb intake thus kicking me out of ketosis. Its been several days since and I'm still trying to recover. Suffice to say, going into ketosis did not seem to do my system any good at all during this point in my Candida recovery.  I think it was too extreme based on my reaction. Massive bloating and swelling in my stomach, head fog, dizziness, blurry vision, heart palpitations, and hypoglycemic. Not something I am comfortable feeling or willing to wait out. I think more than anything else, it has afforded to me that my Candida situation is worse than iniatially thought. I would think going back to phase 1 of the diet, potentially getting your phase 1 products, and spending the next 3-6 months focusing on gradually reducing the Candida might be my best option before I consider any major sudden changes to the way my body gets its energy source (i.e. no sugar/carb but just fats). I will be saving up to purchase your phase 1 to add to my Candida diet. 

Question for you if I may?

If hypoglycemia is a concern, is it better to eat more frequent (following the Candida diet) but in small amounts throughout the day when dealing with Candida? If so, what are your thoughts on doing intermitting fasting on the Candida diet/program? 

Appreciate your reply,


By the way, if you were in ketosis, you'd likely feel pretty good. Ketosis usually comes with a positive state of health. You likely know this but ketosis is different from ketoacidosis, a very different condition that is NOT healthy.

Let me know if you have other questions. Take good care,


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