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This isn't so much of a post as a tip: Annie's brand of Salad Dressing makes two wonderful CANDIDA SAFE salad dressings. They contain no sugar, vinegar, wheat products, etc.

Within the whole line of her dressings, the two that are safe for "us" are:
1. Garden Vegetable (my favorite)
2. Green Garlic

I've found them at several health-food stores. These have saved the day for me, as a squeeze of lemon was getting mighty old. Hope this helps!
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good, glad you like it. Don't you just hate when you find something that is allowed, and we all know none of these foods come cheap...and find out you DON'T like it.

Makes me angry.....grrrrrr Mad that's why i try to stick to what i know i like. Or go by someone's opinion from the forum, rather than just "hoping" it will be good.

Sandi sent me a recipe for ceaser salad dressing. though it has anchovy paste in it..and grated cheese, though you could leave that out. Wonder where anchovy paste falls...Tarilee?? it's REALLY good, i think..

jan Cool
Hey Jannie, that dressing I sent you has a bit of dijon mustard in it and it may not be OK for phase one and definitely not with the cheese, but it is good and easy too.

And guess what, I found the Annie's Naturals at my "Roots" store, what a relief, cause I was getting pretty tired of lemon juice and olive oil, too. Yippee!! yippee

Hey gals--while on the topic of salad dressing I just wanted to say that I'm finally able to have the good stuff (the stuff I used to make) and I can't get enough of it. If you're making a dressing with dijon mustard just find the organic stuff at the supermarket and make sure it's sugar free--it's delicious!!
I know this thread is kind of old, but I was wondering if anyone could explain why I could not find Annie's Garden Vegetable salad dressing anywhere online. My diet is very boring and I find it very tiresome to make my own meals. And so, I was very excited to hear that such a product existed, but when I googled it just to make sure the ingredients were okay (I'm also on a gluten-free and trying to do a B blood-type diet), I could not find it anywhere, not even the Annie's website. Thanks.
hi jimbillybob,

I think I recall reading someplace that Annie's Naturals had to take one of their vinegar-free dressings off the market because they were having difficulty in shelf life with it. I'm wondering if it was the Garden Vegetable. You could always contact the company and ask.

I like to try and make my own dressings, but when I'm in a hurry I've been using the ANnie's Lemon/Chive (I think that's the name) vinegar free dressing. It's yummy.


Hi Daneta,


Sadly, I haven't found any Annie's Natural dressings that didn't contain sugar, wine, distilled vinegar, "natural" ingredients, etc....


Half the ingredients on EVERY label are listed in AVOID foods.


Maybe you will like one of my favs....homemade Lemon Tahini


3 tablespoons lemon juice
2 tablespoons water
2 tablespoons tahini
1 small clove garlic, minced
1/2 teaspoon salt


Happy Pre-hump day!! There are some terrific salad dressings in the Whole Foods produce section, where the nut butters and herbs are kept in refrigeration.  Most have lemon juice, not vinegar.  All organic ingredients and no sugar.  Sorry garlic does not agree with you, I love that little white headed ingredient. lol.  Dill is another good spice you can add.  I made my own italian, but it has garlic. But if you like italian, I was using olive oil, fresh squeezed lemon juice, organic onion powder, sea salt, organic oregano and parsley and black pepper.  You can also add peppers to make it spicy like organic jalapeno or habenero. I usually leave it set for a day, it tastes better that way.  Kind of like when we make sauce & the longer it cooks, the more flavor it has.  There are many good recipes on here tho too. 

Happy ALmost Thanksgiving!!   


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