Root canal reversal-can you recommend a holistic dentist ?

Hi everyone, I am new to this forum and I am looking for a good holistic dentist to pull our my root canal. Can someone please advice me good dentists to choose from? To complicate matters, I live in Bermuda so I would need to fly in for the procedure. Thank you so much' Lynne
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Hi Lilynne,




I invite you to visit our introduction section to learn about our program and site. 


Here is some information about selecting a dentist that may help you-also check out the other resources related to biological dentistry in this forum section. 


And, I had thought we had a listing of dentists here. I'll check again and repost if so.



Hi Lynne,


I am a Nutrition Counselor at a Holistic/Biological Dental office in Maryland, near Baltimore.  The name of the practice is the Julian Center.  Our patients travel quite far to visit our office, including 1 patient from Bermuda and 1 patient from Jamaica.  If Maryland is too far for you, I highly recommend calling Hal Huggins' office in Colorado to find a closer dentist. Hal Huggins will only recommend the best Dentists. Best of luck to you! And if you have any questions, feel free to email me at




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Hi Renee, I just called Julian centre and I spoke with Tami. She mentioned that the evaluation and consultation are done within 1 week apart usually and that the treatment would follow after that. Given that I will be flying in from Bermuda, do you know if there is any way that we an speed up the process so that I won't be needing to spend more than 2 week there since lodging can be expensive as well. What did the patients from Jamaica and Bermuda do I.e. Did they stay for a pro long period to carry out the treatments? Lynne

Hi Lynne,


We can actually do the evaluation and consult on the same day. And we recommend staying for at least a week, depending on treatment.  In the past, we have had patients do the same and stay in a hotel for the week.  Are you looking to have one root canal tooth extracted?  This is a procedure we do quite often.

I'm glad you've connect with each other. What a coincidence that Renee happened to be on the site, just joining today. Renee, how did you happen upon this site and Lilynne's question?


You can private message each other from here on as you discuss the options. Lilynne, Renee  provided her email address above so you could get in touch with her this way too. 


I hope you like what you find out, not sure how far away from you it is but good luck with your explorations. 



Hello everybody,


I was doing an internet search on Holistic dentists as i live in Bermuda and i came across this discussion. I was wondering if it is possible to contact Lilynne just for a friendly chat to discuss how and what she did with regard to her treatment.


Many thanks


Jan 16.

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