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Hey guys, I just wanted to give you a heads up on root canal extractions. I believe that when I got my root canal removed and I had it done by a holistic dentist...he botched it up real good and I think that the bacteria that was released caused my immune system to fail big time and was a catalyst in causing my cancer to grow so fast and furious. I know I have probably had the cancer brewing in there for years, caused by years of chronic constipation which was made worse by the mercury in my mouth.

But the removal of the root canal bombarded my body with toxins and my immune system just failed.

So before you embark on any mercury or root canal detox program, check out your dentist's credentials really thoroughtly. Just cause a doctor is holistic and can do good fillings doesn't make him a holistic oral surgeon capable of properly extracting a toxic root canal. I found that out the hard way. I just found 2 websites that tell how root canal removal is one of the first steps in treating cancer...wish I had seen them before.

Getting the mercury fillings out made such a huge difference in my health, I wish I had done it years sooner....and I plan to finish off the root canal extractions asap..but with a different dentist or oral surgeon.

Best luck in all of your healing journeys....

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Hey Sandi

I'm routing for you on getting those root canals out. It made a big difference for me.

I wonder if you are familiar with an organization called DAMS (stands for Dental Amalgam Mercury Syndrome). They are a non-jprofit based in St. Paul Minnesota, and the guy who answers their phone knows ALL the holistic dentists and people who can do safe and appropriate oral surgery on those root canals in Canada and in the States. His name is Leo and if you google DAMS or the full name it should come up with a phone number. He's very generous with his time and is there to help. He has representatives in Canada to help find practitioners as well, but I have found that Leo knows the dentists best because he goes to all of the conferences etc. Of course you have to do your homework too on what their specific protocols are etc.

There's a guy in Ohio, who's name escapes me, who is supposedly the "best" in terms of removing root canals and dealing with cavitations. Leo at DAMS has his name. He is not an oral surgeon, however, he is a dentist, but his practice is strictly doing this surgery I believe. Don't know if it is in the realm of reason to consider travelling such a distance, and don't know anything about the guy first hand, but just wanted to share what I had been told. Perhaps there is someone in Canada of similar stature.

If there is anything I can do to help you do legwork or research on this, please let me know.

Hugs, hearthrob hearthrob hearthrob
Just saw this post and I am having a tooth with root canal, that has a cracked root extracted next month. Evidently it has had low grade infection for long time because there is bone loss. I am planning to have an implant done afterwards. Any advise???
I am in phase 1. Today has been major fatigue and brain fog day. Am suspecting sunflower seeds. Made wonderful pancakes but sunflower is not a good seed for my blood type. Should not have tried. Live and learn and learn and learn, but then forget. ; )
Dear Linda,
I hope you are doing ok on your cance. My husband has been fighting that fight 21 years. He is currently doing well and in remission. They have better treatment all the time.
We understand a lot of the things you are going through, though each case is different.
When he is in treatment it seems we were waiting for next report or schedule of treatments. Our thoughts are with you
Hey Sandi...

I hope things are going well for you as of for this year 2009... I'm not sure how you've updated on this unfortunate circumstance..

Please keep us informed of your health.

Also, if you would be so kind as to share with us those two websites that helped you with more knowledge on this topic, I would be doubly greatful.

- Ariana
Hi Ariana,

Unfortunately, we lost our sweet Sandi about one year ago to cancer. I wish I had those websites for you, but I do not. Sandi was amazing about sharing information and encouragement to others with candida and with heavy metal issues. Try googling the topic and see what comes up. And I will post it if I come across anything. Sandi and I talked a lot through email, so I might have the info saved somewhere. Good luck in your search.

Take care,
I am currently working on my amalgam removal, and I could not be any happier! I can't wait to get them all removed. I have about 8 teeth with amalgam fillings and I have a good holistic dentist. Although, I don't know why my dentist removes 3-4 at a time, since I heard it's not healthy. I have seen some improvement in my health, but I am sure that it will be a lot better once they're all gone.

I am taking de-mer-tox (not sure if you've heard of it), but its supposed to help with the detox of the mercury fillings!

I will update you with anything new =)

Take care,
Hi Linda, I am sorry to hear about the botched root canal. Are you ok now? Do you mind me asking which dentist did you go to and which one you would recommend for the root canal removal? Here is to a speedy recovery for all of us especially you Linda. Lynne

Hey There, I came across this post looking for info about having root canal teeth removed. I'm so sorry to hear Sandi passed Does anyone have any idea where I can turn. I need to have two root canal teeth removed that are causing me pain and I need one wisdom tooth extracted that has a bad cavity that has me in terrible pain. I would love to go to a biological dentist, but cannot afford it right now and I have no insurance. I was planning to find a free clinic, but after reading Sandi's post, I'm nervous about that. I had a bad experience having all my mercury removed - the wrong way. I'm on penicillin now which seems to be helping to clear the infection. That was a challenge for me because I'm a holistic practitioner. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Be well,


Hi Happy Day,


Here is a link to our page about dental options.


There are many more dentists claiming to be 'biological dentists' than there used to be. This is a good start but careful research is still important before deciding to have this done. If a root canal is in a problem situation and its removal is botched it can lead to more problems. 


Dentistry seems to be going through a lot of changes in the last decade and I've not kept up with the subtle differences between practitioners and approaches.


Take good care,



I got a root canal at a young age, I didn't think I needed one, but the dentist didn't know what else to do about the pain, even his assistant said I didn't need one. Even after I got the root canal, the pain was still there, and is still there, 15 years later I have just learned to live with it and adapted to it. I thought the tooth was a "dead tooth", so why is the pain still there, obviously I really didn't need the root canal. My mistake, I should have gotten a second opinion. With the pain still there, many have mentioned getting the root canal removed. I have been looking around at "holistic dentists" and can't get a straight answer from them unless I make an appointment, I don't want it removed without my research, but I can't get the answers to my research. What does it mean to have a root canal removed? Is the whole tooth pulled? or just the mercury root canal part? I don't get how this works. And yes, I can't get a "holistic dentist" to answer this simple question, and you can't really find anything online. I just want that answer before I set up an appointment with any dentist, and that's if I even get any work done from them. Money is tight, so I can't really afford to pay them just to answer a small question.

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