Regularity and your Health

by Tarilee Cornish, Certified Nutritional Practitioner

Do you suffer from any of the following symptoms?

  • bad breath, body odor
  • fatigue, low energy
  • depression, irritability
  • headaches
  • mental sluggishness
  • skin eruptions, sallow skin, dark circles under eye

Are you constipated?

The time it takes for food to pass from the mouth to elimination through the rectum is generally referred to as “transit time”. Naturopathic physicians emphasize the importance of efficient bowel elimination (12-24 hours max).

A subject so many of us are shy to speak of, is nonetheless, critically relevant to health. When wastes do not move from the colon in a timely manner, the waste material stagnates and the toxic compounds concentrate.

Chronic constipation can also contribute to reduced nutritional absorption, hemorrhoids, anal fissures, premature aging due to increased free radicals from higher levels of toxicity, inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid disease, colitis, appendicitis, prolapsed rectum, and diverticulitis and even higher rates of colon and breast cancer. Another serious condition can result when impacted fecal matter is reabsorbed into the bloodstream, leading to a condition known as autointoxication (self-poisoning

Candida and Constipation

CRC sufferers can be more prone to constiption for multiple reasons. Candida sufferers typically have a deficiency of healthy flora. Food intolerances are frequently an issue and thus their diet may not be as diverse or healthy. In addition, yeast toxins cause congestion of the eliminative organs, resulting in compromised digestive function which can lead to constiption.

Strategies for Better Bowel Health

If you want to improve your elimination, try adding in one or two of these positive habits each week until your bowels are functioning well:

  • Promptly attend to the urge for a bowel movement.
  • Restore healthy intestinal flora with Probium probiotics
  • Tone the colon by increasing dietary
  • Gradually decrease/eliminate irritant, dependence forming laxatives. (with help from your Dr)
  • Walk after meals to stimulate digestion
  • Do regular sit ups and leg lifts to strengthen the muscles for elimination
  • Relax to reduce stress related inhibition of digestive and eliminative functions
  • Increase your fluid intake up to half your weight in pounds (in ounces of water intake)
  • Chew thoroughly to optimize the action of mouth enzymes
  • Eat an alkalizing diet ideally consisting of at least 50%vegetables and fruits
  • Use supplemental digestive enzymes and bitters
  • If required discuss the supports mentioned above and below with your health care provider 

          Colon Motility Blend

Laxative Dependency

Laxatives (both prescription and herbal) that cause elimination by irritating the intestinal lining can lead to dependency. Irritant laxatives include prescription laxatives, senna, cascara sagrada, castor oil, coffee, and whole aloe. There are gentler options.

Gentle Support

If you find that you need occasional laxative support to help facilitate bowel movements, one or more of the following substances may be helpful:

See full version of this article for more

For Occasional Constipation

Vitanica makes an excellent, gentle colon support for those prone to constipation. Colon Motility Blend can be used for up to three months as needed. For some, this can be helpful when starting the Whole Approach protocol. For occasional constipation where something stronger is needed, talk to your health care provider about Laxablend, also by Vitanica.

Maintaining Regularity while Cleansing

The WholeApproach™ Program with the Attogram products, (including Bentonite, Caproyl and the Psyllium blend described previously) create changes in bowel function that may slow transit time. If this happens, reducing bentonite and psyllium to a quarter dosage or less until you become regular again will allow you to slowly work up the amount you take. If your bowel movements cease for three days, see your naturopathic or holistic physician.
The first step towards achieving relief from constipation is to incorporate some of the diet and lifestyle changes discussed in this article to gradually “retrain” your system so you can feel your most vital self.


Tarilee Cornish is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner with a special interest in immune and digestive recovery including recovery from food allergies and candida overgrowth. She is passionate about pure healing food choices that have a significant happiness footprint and are produced in a responsible chain. Tarilee is a moderator on the WholeApproach Support Forum.

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